ABB India Wins in Smart Factory and Manufacturing Excellence Categories at the Frost & Sullivan India Awards

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  • ABB India won the Gold Award for Manufacturing excellence in the Engineering Sector - Large Business, and is among the top three in the Smart Factory Awards
  • The Bengaluru factory plays a key role in manufacturing a vast range of ABB’s Smart Power portfolio and is a showcase for ABB innovations in Industry 4.0 and the factory of the future.
ABB’s Smart Power factory in Bengaluru commanded the manufacturing stage at the Frost & Sullivan’s 17
edition of the India Manufacturing Excellence Awards. The factory bagged the Gold Award for manufacturing excellence in the Engineering Sector, Large Business, and is among the top three in the Smart Factory Awards category.

The award for manufacturing excellence won by ABB was based on 250 parameters including customer focus, orderliness, internal competence, and supply chain. The smart factory of the year award was based on multiple factors including, smart manufacturing & IIoT systems, AI & Machine learning, digital modelling for process layout et al.

Jayakeerthi A, Sr VP, Electrification Business, ABB India, said, “At ABB, we always believe in being curious about why things are done in a particular way and being courageous to challenge that. This assessment will help us in a great way in the coming years to upgrade and upskill. Thanks to Frost & Sullivan for the time spent at our factory and I appreciate the patience to go into detail on all our processes. Special thanks to all our employees for the hard work and customers who were always there to support us.”

The Smart Production lines consists of a network of interconnected workstations and machines through to IIoTs, which controls the processes. Industrial Robots working in tandem with mobile industrial robots ensures consistency in processes and timely transfer of finished goods. ABB’s collaborative YuMi® robot working hand in hand with humans shows a glimpse of the future where man and machine coexist. The smart software takes stock of all sensors & machine data which is used for self-learning which improves precision of future tests.

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