Anjali" Premiere at International Documentary Festival of Kerala

Shimla :Esteemed filmmaker Dr. Dev Kanya Thakur is set to captivate audiences at the esteemed International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala with her latest masterpiece, "Anjali." The festival, known for showcasing exceptional works from talented filmmakers around the world, provides a prestigious platform for the screening of this thought-provoking documentary.

"Anjali," directed by Dr. Dev Kanya Thakur, delves deep into the poignant journey of a young girl named Anjali who confronts the challenges of Prison and outside world. Through her lens, Dr. Thakur masterfully explores the themes of resilience, identity, and the power of self-belief.

This short documentary, shot with remarkable artistry, captures the essence of Anjali's struggles and triumphs, shedding light on issues that resonate with audiences worldwide. The film's rich narrative and emotionally charged storytelling are certain to leave a lasting impact on viewers, inspiring conversations and promoting prison reforms.

The International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala, recognized for its commitment to showcasing groundbreaking cinematic works, serves as the perfect platform to "Anjali." Dr. Dev Kanya Thakur's film has been selected amongst numerous entries, affirming its exceptional quality and significance in the realm of documentary filmmaking.

Dr. Dev Kanya Thakur, an accomplished filmmaker and advocate for social causes, has received critical acclaim for her previous works, which have addressed pressing issues and initiated dialogue on various societal concerns. "Anjali" is yet another testament to her cinematic prowess and her dedication to shedding light on stories that often go untold.

"We are thrilled to be a part of the International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala," said Dr. Dev Kanya Thakur. "Anjali is a story close to my heart, and I am eager to share it with the discerning audience attending the festival. I hope this film sparks meaningful conversations and inspires positive change."

The International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala organised by Chalchitra Acadmy of Govt. of Kerala will takes place from 4th August to 8th August 2023 in Trivandrum, Kerala. Dr. Dev Kanya Thakur's "Anjali" is scheduled to be screened on 6th August 2023 offering attendees an opportunity to experience this remarkable work of art firsthand.

About Dr. Dev Kanya Thakur:

Dr. Dev Kanya Thakur is a highly regarded filmmaker known for her commitment to addressing social issues through her thought-provoking works. With her unique storytelling abilities, Dr. Thakur has earned recognition and accolades for her contributions to the world of documentary filmmaking in social reforms. She continues to utilize her platform to shed light on stories that deserve attention and inspire positive change. Directed MORE THAN 12 documentaries, short film and a feature film. Won National Human Rights commission award for Documentary Film ‘Behind the Bars’ based on Prisoners reforms in Himachal and National Human Rights commission also mentioned No Woman’s Land Documentary film based on struggle of tribal women in Himachal about Ancestral Property Rights. Five published Books in her credit. Freelance writer and writes editorials, features, poems and stories for various journals and literary magazines.

Dr Dev Kanya Thakur

Independent Filmmaker& Writer


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