Tuesday, September26,2023

Announcement of 'Changing Planet' for environmental protection

New Delhi. Sony BBC Earth, one of India's most loved factual entertainment channels, announced the premiere of 'Changing Planet'. The show takes viewers through a behind-the-scenes look at some of Earth's most fragile ecosystems and the growing environmental threats around them. This two-part series unfolds through visual storytelling the remarkable changes that have taken place over the last two years, showcasing six frontline sectors. 'Changing Planet' catalyzes viewers' curiosity, ignites their sense of wonder and ignites their passion for conserving our Earth's natural resources. The series uncovers the secrets of the world's most threatened ecosystems and the urgent need for global conservation efforts.

The first season introduces viewers to the regions of Maldives, Iceland, Cambodia, Brazil, California and Kenya. This series will reveal many more truths about these areas. It also covers the enormous pressure on natural resources Cambodia is facing with ever-expanding cities and over-exploitation of the natural world. The second season revisits these areas, exploring the ecological issues threatening the planet in Cambodia. Episode two follows a trip to the Cardamom Mountains to reintroduce the critically endangered Siamese crocodile. A visit to the Zackenberg Research Station in Northeast Greenland provides important insights into Arctic warming and its global impacts.


The show aims to depict how innovative solutions implemented across diverse sectors can solve environmental challenges, paving the way for a more sustainable future beyond the country's borders. Sony BBC Earth on July 31, 2023 and 'Changing Watch Planet' at 12:00 PM and 9:00 PM!

Tushar Shah, Chief Marketing Officer & Business Head – English Cluster & Sony AATH, Sony Pictures Networks India said, “Changing Planet will enthrall audiences with its compelling stories of resilience, adaptation and conservation efforts around the world. The concept of this series is unique. We hope our viewers will find these stories insightful and inspiring.”

Rosemary Edwards, Executive Producer, Changing Planet said, “Changing Planet is the best way to reach the masses. Through this show, we are celebrating the inspirational work done by advocates for the natural world.