Arab Foreign Ministers Come Together On Israeli Soil, Should Russia Be Happy?

Amidst the Ukraine-Russia war, a major conference of four Arab countries is being organized in Israel. The special thing is that US Secretary of State Antony Blinken is also attending this meeting. The foreign ministers of UAE, Bahrain, Egypt and Morocco are participating in this meeting. This is the first time that foreign ministers of Arab countries have arrived in Israel. This meeting is very special for America in the midst of the Russia-Ukraine war.
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In this meeting, along with the US Iran nuclear talks, Ukraine conflict will also be discussed. The US seeks the support of the Middle East in its aim to isolate Russia.
Prof Abhishek Pratap Singh says that this is the first time that such a conference is being organized in Israel. It is America's effort to bring together America's allies with common interests in the Middle East. He said that after the withdrawal of American troops in Afghanistan, there was some panic among America's allies. He had a sense of insecurity. The aggressive approach taken by Russia after the Ukraine conflict has dented the credibility of the US and NATO. The assurances given by NATO or the US for the security of Ukraine before the war have declined somewhere. From this point of view also, this meeting is very important for America. In this meeting, the US Defense Secretary can assure allies about their security. Through this meeting, America wants to give a message to Russia and China that its allies are standing with it. With this, America wants to isolate Putin in the war between Russia and Ukraine. This could be the hidden agenda of this conference. After the Russia and Ukraine war, Russian President Putin and the Biden administration are trying to get their support from the countries of the world. The visit of Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi to other Asian countries including India is being seen as this link. Along with this, the meeting of Foreign Ministers of Middle East countries in Israel should also be seen in this sequence. This meeting is also very useful for Israel. It has been Israel's effort to maintain independent relations with the rest of the region, keeping Palestinian affairs separate. From this point of view, this conference can prove to be very useful for Israel. Along with the strategic importance, this meeting also has a symbolic significance. This meeting is taking place in the Negev. It is also the home of Israeli Prime Minister Devin Ben Gurion. The conference is useful to deal with the energy crisis There is a heated discussion about the energy crisis after the Russia-Ukraine war. Apart from this, the countries of the Middle East can play an important role in view of the rising oil prices in the international market. Especially Saudi Arabia or other allies of America can play a major role in this. Apart from this, the issue of Iran is also very important for Israel. The Biden administration has been a little soft on Iran's nuclear deal, but the US will not allow its nuclear program to succeed in any way.
What is Israel's challenge
Russia is also not weak in the Middle East. Russia has the potential to destabilize the Middle East. The way Russia has been present in Syria can have a very bad effect on Israel. Israel's position in the Russia-Ukraine war is similar to that of India. Israel's attempt is that America should not be angry with him in any way and at the same time he can do something so that it shows a positive role of mediation between the two countries. Israel seems to be supporting America, but it is also not completely against Russia. Source -Newsreach
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