Bajaj Financial Securities Ltd.'s Unique Subscription Plan for Seasoned Traders

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Bajaj Financial Securities Ltd (BFSL) has launched Bajaj Privilege Club (BPC) to provide unmatched benefits of reduced brokerage and low Margin funding interest rates to professional traders. With this launch, BFSL is one step ahead on the path of targeting evolved traders in the share market who trade in high value and volume.

The brokerage industry is seeing a growth in investor base within the discount stockbroking model. Continuing with its aim to bolster its position in the discount stockbroking space, BFSL recently launched its product - Bajaj Privilege Club (BPC). It is an annual subscription plan at just Rs 9999, providing exclusive privileges to its clients. The foremost one is reduced brokerage @Rs.5/order across segments. Another is Margin Trade Financing (MTF) at just 8.5% per annum. Subscribers of BPC can save significantly on brokerage and margin interest charges.

BPC is unique in the broking industry with its following features:
  1. One of the Lowest Brokerage Rates for Intraday, Futures and options at just Rs.5 per order.
  2. Margin Trade Financing interest rate of 8.5% per annum, one of the lowest in the industry.
  3. Up to 3.5 times leverage in delivery trades under MTF to enhance buying power
  4. Depository Participant Account Maintenance Charge (DP AMC) is NIL.

Open Demat and Trading account now and experience the peerless services as a BFSL client under the Bajaj Privilege Club.

Advantages of Bajaj Privilege Club

A margin trader needs to pay only a part of the trade value. The rest of the value is borne by the broker upon which it charges interest. BFSL offers one of the lowest MTF interest rates in the stockbroking space, just 8.5% per annum through Bajaj Privilege Club. Margin trading at such a low-interest rate enables traders to take higher positions in the market. BFSL allows traders to carry MTF trade positions for up to 365 days.

If a trader wants to invest Rs.20 lakhs expecting to book profit after 20 days, and the margin requirement is 25%, the investor needs to pay just Rs. 5 lakhs while taking the position. BFSL will pay the remaining Rs. 15 lakhs, providing the trader with the opportunity to take the trade. BFSL will charge interest on MTF amount till the day position is squared-off. For BPC clients, the interest charged will be just Rs.23.28/day for the MTF amount of Rs. 1 lakh.

With the backing of the nation's largest NBFCs, Bajaj Finance Limited (BFL), Bajaj Financial Securities Ltd can conveniently offer liquidity to MTF traders.

Mr. Manish Jain, CEO at BFSL said, “Serving a large clientele base with an MTF facility requires sufficient liquidity at the end of the broker. CRISIL has accredited BFSL with AAA/Stable corporate credit rating based on its strong liquidity position. It depicts our ability to fulfil the financial requirements of our customers dynamically. With a strong position in the financial services industry, our clients can be benefitted from the most competitive interest rates along with top-notch services.”

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