Bloggers and influencers impressed with the tourism diversity of Gujarat, shared their experiences

Gandhinagar (Ahmedabad) [India], December 17: In order to give a new dimension to the tourism sector of Gujarat through social media, A Bloggers & Influencers Meet was held at Gandhinagar on 1st December 2021 by Gujarat Tourism Corporation Ltd. in collaboration with the Government of India. This was the first time such a meet was organized by the tourism department. Bloggers and influencers from all over India participated in this meet.

Shri Harit Shukla, Secretary, Tourism, Government of Gujarat, other officials of the Ministry of Tourism, as well as the people associated with the tourism industry, were present in the meet. During the event, a film on the world's tallest statue of Shri Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel ‘Statue of Unity' at Kevadiya and a film on the state of Gujarat was shown to the bloggers and influencers present there. They all watched the film on tourism of Gujarat with great interest. A cultural program was also organized in this meet for the entertainment of the bloggers.

Speaking at the occasion, Shri Harit Shukla, Secretary, Tourism, gave information about various tourist destinations of Gujarat to the bloggers and influencers and said that Gujarat is a land of thrilling wildlife, rich culture and traditions, delightful customs, innovative tourist destinations and spiritually remarkable architecture. Gujarat offers every kind of tourist attraction, including beaches, forests, mountains, historical and religious destinations etc. The tourists visiting Gujarat have a memorable experience of a lifetime.

He asked the bloggers and influencers present in the meet to visit various tourist destinations in the state. He asked them to present the vibrant culture of Gujarat on social media in front of the world through their blogs and videos. He said that this meet would be beneficial to the travel, tourism and hospitality sector of Gujarat.

After that, the bloggers and influencers visited various tourist places of Gujarat such as Kutch Ranotsav, Modhera Sun Temple, Ranki Vav, Historic city Vadnagar, Statue of Unity, Gir Sanctuary, Balasinor Dinosaur and Fossil Park, Science City, Mandavi Beach, Shivrajpur beach etc.

During their visit, the bloggers thoroughly enjoyed these tourist destinations of Gujarat. They experienced the culture, language diversity, hospitality, costumes, customs and cuisine of Gujarat and they were very much impressed by it.

During their visit to different places, these bloggers took the help of the tourist guides to get information about the history and culture of various places. They were very pleased with the knowledge of the tourist guides of Gujarat and their courteous behavior. They got detailed information about various tourist destinations due to the tourist guides.

Visiting such diversified tourist destinations provided them with a lifetime memorable experience. Bloggers also shared their thrilling experiences. Let us know about some of these experiences.

Blogger 1- (Kutch Ranotsav)

Kutch is a wonderful tourist destination highlighting the culture and life of the villagers of Gujarat. Especially, the Rann Utsav organized here in the white Dessert is worth a visit. Your mind will be filled with joy by watching the beauty of the White Desert shining in the moonlight. The colourful local costumes of the people of Kutch are also very beautiful. This is an excellent tourist destination that every tourist must visit.

 Blogger 2- (Kutch Ranotsav)

The Ranotsav of Kutch has become a global event today, and you will know why only when you visit it. The fun of living in Tent City cannot be described in words. All protocols are followed here in view of the Covid-19 pandemic. A variety of handicraft items are being sold here. It can be seen that Ranotsav provides many employment opportunities for the locals. The beauty of the desert has not been tampered with for the development of various facilities here. The Ranotsav of Kutch is an excellent example of sustainable tourism.

Blogger 3- (Rani ki Vav)

Raniki Vav, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is truly a masterpiece of sculpture and architecture. The tourist guide here also gives detailed and interesting information about the construction of the step-well and its history, which gives a better idea of the grandeur of this step-well. Patan and Rani ki Vav are truly interesting tourist destinations for art lovers.

Blogger 4 – (Modhera Sun Temple)

A visit to the Sun Temple of Modhera gave a unique experience. We learned from the tourist guide that the first rays of the sun fall on the statue of the sun in the Garbhagruha i.e. the main sanctum sanctorum of the temple, which illuminate the whole temple. What an amazing sight that must have been! The sculpture and architectural work of the temple is also very beautiful. The beauty of this place cannot be described in words. One must visit the Sun Temple to enjoy this beauty.

Blogger 5- (Vadnagar)

It was a thrill to visit Vadnagar as the birthplace of the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India. I really enjoyed visiting this ancient town. Vadnagar is a place of temples. We visited Hatkeshwar Mahadev Temple here, which is the temple of the deity of the Nagar community. The view of Sharmishtha Lake is very beautiful and attractive. We also visited historical places in Vadnagar like Gauri Kund, Kirti Toran and the Tomb of famous singer sisters Tana-Riri. Vadnagar still preserves the historical heritage of Gujarat.

The bloggers and influencers witnessed how Gujarat has emphasized on the development of local tourism, which has created ample employment opportunities for the locals.

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