Brainywood- a Unique Edtech start-up focusing on Stress- Free Education and Memory Training

Bhilwara (Rajasthan) [India], November 25: The Rajasthan based Guinness World Record Holder Ed-Tech start-up Brainywood founded by Dr. Vinod Sharma and Mr. Dhruv Suwalka, is gaining massive popularity in recent time due to their unique teaching methodologies, which helps students to memorise everything and helps them to enjoy the studying in a very stress-free and enjoyable manner.

There has been a three to four times increase in student sign-ups, an indication that students are looking for the platform which truly solves all their practical problems, Dhruv suwalka co-founder said.

Launched the online application in the middle of the pandemic of Feb 2021, Brainywood is India's Best Innovative Learning Platform which provides complete learning solutions at one place. The app not only reduces the mental stress of students and provides scientific techniques of learning, but also provides various learning courses including Vedic Mathematics, Coding for Kids, Website Development, Language, Personality development, Emotional Intelligence courses to give the complete Holistic development to the Indian students which are missing in the current education scenario. Moreover, Brainywood is also all set to launch the Live classes Academics facility for 6 to 12th CBSE students in upcoming months. Dhruv added. He mentioned in upcoming years Brainywood app will become the first app of its kind where the student will not only get the conceptual clarity of any particular topic by industry best experts but also will be able to memorise that particular topic instantly, which will prepare them completely for their examination in a most enjoyable manner.

Dr. Vinod Sharma, who is working for the last 14 years to improve memory and reduce mental stress amongst Indian students, said that as per reports, In India, One student commits Suicide in every 55 minutes, yet the depression is conveniently ignored. He also mentioned that reports of the National Mental Health Survey 2015-16 reveals that 9.8 Million Teenagers in the age group 13-17 years suffer depression and other mental disorders and are "in Need of active intervention".

All these figures and reports reveal that there is something wrong with the Indian Education system that we do not understand. The Indian education system is broken because of not following the complete learning cycle. Dr. Vinod added.

Our start-up is based on educational psychology to give psychological solutions to students to enjoy their studies and exams. Students usually forget the content even after memorizing so many times. Our start-up deals with removing the habit of forgetting by converting the study content into permanent memory with the help of imagination and association principles.

The unique and differentiator of our start-up are- it is equipping the education process with the science of recollection and memorization techniques which is based on the science of mnemonics.  Mostly in India, institutes, schools, and colleges teach students how to read well, how to write well and how to comprehend well, but most institutions and schools are not teaching How to recollect in exams, and this is why all the problems are increasing day by day. We all know, for better exam results, a student has to do two things –very well comprehension and very well memorization so as to finally have accurate recollection in exams. But students are usually taught how to comprehend, and for comprehension or understating, students have teachers, faculties, schools, and coaching centres, but for best memorization, students do not have any innovative support or help. That's why they tend to use old techniques like repetition and cramming, which results in increasing mental stress, fear of forgetting in examination and anxiety. Our start-up gives student's new and proven techniques of mnemonic science based on educational psychology, especially skilling students on memorization retention and recollection. By which students enjoy the syllabus, memorize faster and recollect the content exams accurately.

BRAINYWOOD = Innovative Learning Approach + Quality Education + Entire Learning Process + Reduces Stress + Reduces Parents Expenditure+ Noble Effect.

ONE PRODUCT = 6 Important Solutions.

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