Goa Tourism Minister Opens Air India Express Corporate Sports League

PORVORIM, GOA: The Air India Express Corporate Sports League was inaugurated with the unveiling of trophies and the official football by Hon'ble Minister for Tourism, Goa, Shri. Rohan Khaunte. The event was held at the Grand Kadama Hotel in Porvorim, with several dignitaries present, including Director of Tonia Group, Mario Sequeira, retired Indian Navy officer Mr. Anant Joshi, Brand Ambassador Anura Prabhudesai, Director of Goalz Events Pvt Ltd, Mr. Swarjeet Salagode, and Director of Evergreen County Coorg, Mr. Bajan Bopanna.

Mr. Khaunte emphasized the importance of sports tourism in promoting Goa beyond its beaches. He mentioned successful events like the Goa Iron Man 17.3, World Table Tennis, and International Beach Volleyball Pro as examples. He highlighted the potential for corporate events to attract visitors and boost tourism, allowing them to unwind from their work stress.

The Air India Express Corporate League features football and badminton tournaments, providing an opportunity for teams to compete, connect, and build camaraderie. Mr. Khaunte stressed the importance of sportsmanship, ethics, and teamwork, qualities that translate well into leadership.

Anura Prabhudesai, the brand ambassador, expressed her enthusiasm for the initiative, particularly its focus on badminton, a sport promoting discipline and teamwork. She commended Goa's tourism potential and the league's contribution to sports development.

The dignitaries unveiled the trophies: Air India Express Platinum Cup, Evergreen County Gold Cup, and Makabi Silver Cup. Mr. Mario Sequeira expressed gratitude to the organizers and acknowledged the role of Rajesh in facilitating the collaboration.

Goalz Events Pvt Ltd, the event organizer, aims to boost workplace morale and teamwork through this initiative. Mr. Swarjeet Salagode explained the event's format, including regional tournaments culminating in national finals in Goa. He highlighted the support from Goa Network 7 and thanked Rajesh D'silva for promoting the event.

Jordan Vaz, representing Goa Estates and Tunwal electric bikes, emphasized the involvement of the next generation and its potential to contribute to future sporting achievements. The event is sponsored by Air India Express, Acer, Evergreen County, Tonia Group, Goa Estates, Tunwal, and Citroen, with Goa Network7 PR & Events as the promoter and Open Search National English Daily as the media partner.

Anura Prabhudesai offered valuable advice for badminton players, emphasizing practice, proper warm-up, and teamwork. She encouraged patience and dedication for long-term success.

Mr. Swarjeet Salagode explained the league's inception in 2014 with the aim of encouraging corporate teams to travel and compete. He highlighted Goa's welcoming atmosphere and its potential for sports tourism, networking, and talent scouting. He encouraged corporate participation through registration on the website www.goalzunlimited.com.


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