PM Modi Calls for Modernization of Justice System at CASGC 2024

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the Commonwealth Attorneys and Solicitors General Conference (CASGC) 2024 today, emphasizing the need to modernize the legal system to tackle 21st-century challenges.

"The 21st century's problems cannot be solved with a 20th-century mindset," PM Modi declared. "We must rethink, reimagine, and reform our legal frameworks to ensure justice delivery in an interconnected world."

He highlighted the importance of international collaboration in addressing cross-border challenges. "Sometimes, ensuring justice in one country requires working with others," he stated. "Collaboration fosters greater synergy, leading to better and faster justice delivery."

Legal Reforms in India:

PM Modi acknowledged India's ongoing legal reforms. "We inherited a colonial-era legal system, but in recent years, we've made significant strides in modernizing it."

He cited the replacement of over 100-year-old criminal laws with three new legislations and the removal of thousands of obsolete colonial laws as examples of these reforms.

Emerging Concerns:

The Prime Minister raised concerns about the rise of cryptocurrency and cyber threats, emphasizing their potential to facilitate criminal activity. He noted the evolving nature of crime, with criminals utilizing sophisticated technology and operating across borders.

India's Relationship with Africa:

PM Modi expressed India's strong relationship with the African Union, celebrating its recent inclusion in the G20 during India's presidency. He believes this will contribute significantly to addressing the aspirations of the African people.

Union Law Minister's Remarks:

Union Law Minister Arjun Ram Meghwal echoed the theme of global cooperation, stating, "In today's interconnected world, we are essentially living in a global village." He emphasized the need for coordinated efforts among all stakeholders to address global legal challenges.

Conference Details:

The CASGC 2024, themed "Cross-Border Challenges in Justice Delivery," brings together Attorney Generals and Solicitors General from Commonwealth nations across Asia-Pacific, Africa, and the Caribbean, along with international delegations.

The conference will delve into various legal and justice issues, including judicial transition, legal ethics, executive accountability, and modernizing legal education.


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