CA Gokul Raj educating the youth on to follow dreams and make them big by turning them into reality

November 16: Dreams are a part of reality though not many put equal effort to work towards it. Millennials are often too impatient to achieve what they dream of. Passion, when achieved through some form of a dream, is often ignored and sometimes not even opted for. Chartered Accountancy is one such profession that needs real dedication and patience when choosing to live with. It is also said often that it is one of the toughest certifications of all the national examinations in India. From multinational companies to government firms, every organization needs a CA for their finance to look straight. Chartered Accountant Gokul Raj is one such example of a young man who once dreamt of educating himself and ended up educating many in the process.

Being a first-generation graduate in the family did not dissuade him from dreaming big, and he worked hard towards getting accredited as a CA. He was a young, hard-working guy from his young days and believed more in practical experiences through books and reference versus that of school grades. He always wanted to educate as many individuals as he can, and this gave him the will to stick to his hard work. Soon he got the opportunity to open his first educational venture with the name of KEW academy. The journey of 6 years towards building the academy and constantly improving the system has always got him more success. He has been actively involved in mentoring, influencing, and supporting students through his seminars and sessions. He has mentored over 300 students with the latest techniques. He is soon launching AXUS Learning, a mobile app that marries digital learning technology with a practical learning pedagogy for 11th and 12th-grade commerce stream students.  The art of keeping the finance straight and also be able to audit efficiently has also helped him gain a lot of recognition throughout his career.

The leadership roles and activities he was involved in includes being a Carnatic Rotarian and a member of the "Youth Club Services" committee for the years 2021-22, Served as co-chairman of the Hindustan Chamber of Commerce’s “Entrepreneurial skill development committee” last year, also being a member of Corporate Affairs of Hindustan Chamber of Commerce for the year 2017-18. He has also presented research papers on Company Act 2013 and ‘Internal Audits’ and the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and its branches across South India. His profile also had him authorize classroom notes for the CPT and IPCC curriculum of ICAI. All these include over 25 seminars for those working in the accounting profession, delivered lectures in over 30 schools every year for the past 6 years. He also has happened to travel to nearly 12 to18 countries to set up internal controls and conduct internal audits in a variety of sectors.

Mr. Gokul Raj has been recognized on multiple occasions, including Capgemini business services awarded him the best employee award in 2009, Star article award in the year 2005 from PKF Sridhar & Santhanam, a student member of SICASA 2006 – 07 and many more associated with career counselling and motivational. He is a living example for many young aspirants who wants to transform their passion into reality.

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