Caim by årelang™ Naturals Founded by Nikita Naterwalla Launches Its Range of Candyceuticals in India

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India: Brings nutritional solutions rooted in age-old remedies with a scientific and modern spin Flavorsome nutritional supplements in the form of guilt free confectionery to rejuvenate and reawaken good health Backed by science to embrace a modern lifestyle Arelang Naturals®, a company that aims to educate as well as inspire consumers by simplifying and de-mystifying the health and wellness space, has launched Caim by årelang™, its range of supplements in the form of delicious sugar and weight conscious chocolates, gummies. Caim is a Gaelic word which means to form an invisible circle of protection around someone. Founded by Nikita Naterwalla, the brand aims at consciously making people aware of what's on the inside and helps them to work towards a body that can combat the furies of the current lifestyles. With over 20 products under formulation, it has made inroads in the market with the first launches in the range of guilt free confectioneries that include Rekindle for Men, Rekindle for Women, Replenish with Greens and Replenish with Phytos. The Rekindle Range by Caim by årelang™ offers guilt-free, sugar-conscious chocolate bars in three delectable flavours. The range offers two products – Rekindle for Men and Rekindle for Women. Rekindle for Women is a blend of powerful phytoestrogens meant to give women essential nutrients in small doses every day to help them with hormonal challenges, PMS symptoms, mood swings, and the distressing menopausal side effects, to name a few, by keeping the estrogen levels in the body well balanced. Rekindle for Men is created keeping in mind the slow depletion of testosterone levels and the added levels of stress that men face as they progress through their 30's and 40's that eventually deprives them of a healthy diet and adequate sleep. Taken together in one bar, the potent blend of various plant-based extracts combat issues like lowered testosterone levels, a lowered libido, early onset of andropause, hair loss, focus and concentration, belly fat etc. and helps improve overall immunity and promotes sexual wellness in men. Replenish with Greens and Replenish with Phytos are part of the nutritious Gummies range that provides the daily essential micronutrients from greens and all the other colored fruits and vegetables, that the diets lack. Together, both the gummies help protect and sustain essential bodily functions. Available in flavours that take one back into happy childhood memories, these little delights are sure to add a punch right back into an individual's daily routine by giving the required energy, helping hair, skin and nail health, and boosting immunity levels, all whilst silently working with the synergies and helping gap the body's daily nutritional requirements. With every product, the company adheres to good clinical practice guidelines by ethically conducting clinical studies on human subjects. At Caim by årelang™, each product has the right proportions of plant-based extracts that make them highly bioavailable. To promote sustainable packing for reducing the environmental impact and waste management, Caim by årelang™, uses reusable, recycle, BPA free, airtight, food grade and stackable containers that are completely safe for use in microwaves, dishwashers and the freezer. "The idea behind Caim by årelang™ is to bring you the nutrition that is free of chemicals, completely natural plant-based and delectable. Our supplements, in the form of delicious confectionery, are designed to give you ingredients in quantities that the body can recognize, synthesize, absorb and optimally utilize. We want our products to be 
 and therefore when it comes to our ingredients, we will not compromise on quality. We strive to use only potent plant-based extracts, where specifically isolated bio-actives required for the formulation to work have been used." says Nikita Naterwalla, Founder- Caim by årelang™ Naturals. About Arelang Naturals® Arelang Naturals® is a company that offers nutritional solutions rooted in age-old medicinal remedies, perfected with a scientific and modern spin. A Norwegian word, ‘årelang' stands for something eternal, that has withstood the test of time and emerged unscathed. This fundamental has been applied to all the formulations created by the company – bringing to life the wisdom of the ancients, natural remedies that have been used over generations and approaching them with a modern and scientific twist to appeal to its evolved consumers.

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