Thursday, September 29, 2022

Defence & Security


From the 1960s, for nearly 50 years, the Pakistan Navy was able to establish itself as a respectable maritime force in the North Arabian Sea. Given the proximity of Pakistan’s coast to the troubled, oil and gas rich waters of the Persian Gulf, working with Pakistan’s Navy became an easy choice for the major maritime […]

PM calls INS Vikrant “Proof Of 21st Century India’s Effort and Talent.

There will be a significant number of female Navy troops stationed there when the Vikrant descended to defend our maritime zone. With the immense power of the ocean and the boundless female power, it becomes the noble identity of New India. “Now, the Indian Navy has decided to open all its branches to women. The […]

Ready for Development, the DRDO’s Conventional Ballistic Missile Design

India needs a land-based conventional ballistic missile to deter any threat from aircraft carriers from the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea while striking against ground forces across the LAC. As China’s conventional ballistic missile arsenal expands rapidly, the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) has completed the design of a conventionally armed ballistic […]

China Creates Anti-Stealth Radar

Anti-Stealth Radar is so tiny it can be installed anywhere, even on rooftops. Anti-stealth radars usually need a large antenna to pick up the faint signature of a stealth aircraft, which can absorb or deflect the waves emitted by the radar, compromising the radar’s mobility and making it vulnerable to attack. ” Although the antenna […]


The geographic location of India makes the oceans and seas extremely vital for a variety of apparent reasons. A staggering proportion of India’s foreign trade is sea-borne and a brief look at our history will reveal that India’s unsettled disputes with its land neighbours will necessitate its continued dependency on the maritime domain for crucial […]