Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Terror Watch

MD-530 Helicopter Crashes In Kandahar During Training Of Taliban Pilots

A military helicopter fitted with surveillance cameras and machine guns, an MD-530, has crashed in a training flight in the Taliban’s southern province of Kandahar. The Taliban have confirmed this. Inayatullah Khwarazmi, a spokesman for the Defense Ministry, said on Wednesday that the crash was caused by technical problems and that two pilots were injured, […]

Three held in Spain for terror financing to Al-Qaeda militants

The suspects are believed to have used a non-governmental organisation to finance the activities of Al-Qaeda affiliated militants. They diverted funds raised in good faith by religious associations, under the cover of using them as humanitarian aid for Syrian orphans

Situation in Syria getting worse

During February, low-intensity fighting was observed in several provinces of the country. Both Russian Aerospace Forces and Syrian Air Force continue to strike against militants across the country