Chanakya Dhanda's CKP Leisure Ltd. Becomes the First Company Ever to List Majestic Night Club Sirkus at the NSE

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After mobilising more than 1 Billion USD investments and businesses spread across 3 continents, CKP Leisure Ltd. under the leadership of Insightful and ingenious investor Chanakya Dhanda with his team gets the majestic night club Sirkus listed at the NSE (National Stock Exchange).

Having transformed a strenuous model of running a night club to a very efficient business model to generate much higher ROI’s than usual with lesser burnout, CKP Leisure Ltd. has created classic textbook sure-shot exit model case studies for everyone.

Sirkus is India’s first & only nightclub across Indian sub-continent to be listed on the National Stock Exchange. Says Managing Director CKP Leisure Ltd. Chanakya, “Challenges were faced due to this business’s highly merciless in-built nuances business line with a limited shelf life and tenure, but my sharp and proficient team has mastered the art of a highly profitable “Exit Business Model”. Though Exit is always an option but it may take away a lot and erode a lot of goods during the process of exiting such ventures. It can have a serious hit on issues like brand value, imagery, and quality, so it needs a very special skill to make a successful and very profitable exit from the business while you are executing the process of taking it public listing.”

CKP Leisure’s Sirkus has not just become an eye-opening model case study for everyone in this category but through this business model is also helping other companies to take their ventures public across multiple verticals. Sirkus is also motivating other start-ups and entrepreneurs to be an expert in understanding the capital markets with our huge experience in the investment banking sector.

CKP Leisure Ltd. operates all its ventures including its night club Sirkus like any corporate business instead of managing it like a typical traditional hospitality business. In a short span, CKP Leisure’s super-specialised financial markets team has already taken the valuation of Sirkus over 4 million dollars for a single standalone club. Now, this is seriously unprecedented phenomena in its category.

CKP Leisure Ltd. has brilliantly demonstrated even the seemingly impossible phenomena of getting a Night Club to be listed on NSE first time ever and it happened through a perfect combination of perfect expertise of a highly competent team, ingenious strategy, out of the box inventiveness, divergent thinking backed by detailed planning, resourcefulness and networking advantage. It seems the actual trade secret CKP Leisure Ltd.'s success story seems to be hidden in its inherent advantages and is all set to create one of the smartest successful globally Indian conglomerate.

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