Cimpress Launches Back to Work Program For Women on Break

Business Wire India
Cimpress understands that everyone has multiple responsibilities to fulfill while providing a comfortable life for their families. However, given the societal construct, the domestic responsibilities often fall in the plate of women. Some manage to balance both the worlds, professional as well as personal, but some have to prioritize personal.

Cimpress salutes all such women who make their houses as home. As a token of gratitude, Cimpress India has rolled out Back to Work program for women who may have taken a sabbatical for any reason but now want to re-ignite their career life. The program has been designed to create a re-entry route for women with the best of learning opportunities based on their previous expertise and experience in the domains across Software Development and Design.

Under this program, the candidates will be able to maintain the right work-life balance with remote work options and flexible working hours enabling to get back to the work-routine faster. This will not only be an opportunity to develop new skills, forge new relationships, interact with the subject matter experts but could also lead to full-time opportunities with Cimpress India.

On the launch, Kara Hecker, Director, Product Management, said, "We understand how daunting it may be for you to return to work after a break, especially in the fast-paced world we are living in. But we are here to support you during the transition; Cimpress is a diverse and inclusive organisation and with this program, we aim to further cultivate a work environment that allows women to find opportunities and encourage them re-build their careers."

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