Danone India Launches Protinex Diabetes Care to Address the Nutritional Needs of Indians with Diabetes

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Danone India, with its mission ‘to bring health through food to as many people as possible,’ today announced the launch of Protinex Diabetes Care with an aim to address the nutritional requirements of Indians with diabetes. The scientifically developed product aims to provide adequate protein and fiber, which are important nutrients in managing blood sugar levels.

To understand the needs of people with diabetes, Danone India commissioned a research among 1000 respondents across India which was conducted by IPSOS, a leading marketing research firm. The survey aimed at assessing the nutrition awareness and nutrient intake among people with type 2 diabetes and identifying the relationship between nutritional knowledge and dietary self-care behavior in Indian diabetic patients. The survey findings revealed that over
of respondents knew that protein and fiber in the diets are essential to manage diabetes. However, daily nutrient intake assessment using Nutri Calculator, a tool developed by Danone with nutrition experts, highlighted that only 14.8% and 21.2% people with diabetes were consuming the daily required protein and fiber respectively. Nearly 60% of respondents were unaware about food sources that have high or low Glycemic Index, to make a right choice as awareness about this is beneficial for diabetes management.

Elucidating about the benefits of protein and fiber in people with diabetes, Dr Amit Khandeparkar, Head, Medical Affairs at Danone India said, “74 million Indians are living with Diabetes and currently, India has the second highest diabetes cases in the world, and this number is projected to reach around 124 million by 2045 as per International Diabetes Federation Atlas. Factors such as higher fat to muscle ratio, inappropriate diet and lifestyle accelerate the diabetes onset.
Consuming a diet high in protein, fiber & low Glycemic Index can help manage blood sugar fluctuations and weight thus helping the individual live with diabetes in a better way.”

Protinex Diabetes Care is packed with the highest amount of protein in this category and it also has high fiber. Both these nutrients are helpful in the management of blood sugar levels and thus help diabetic patients lead a healthier life.
It is fortified with 26 essential vitamins & minerals and is available in Vanilla flavor
. Protinex Diabetes Care is a healthy food option for people with diabetes as it is low in fat, contains no added sugar and thus provides lower calories. It contains no artificial sweeteners which is an added advantage for people with diabetes. Moreover, it is the only product in the powder nutrition category with low Glycemic Index (GI) of 17, that can help manage blood sugar levels.

Speaking about the launch of the new product, Mr. Sriram Padmanabhan, Director Marketing, Danone India said, “At Danone, we endeavor to offer products that are relevant to local consumer needs. Diabetes is increasing at an alarming rate in India but equally shocking is the lack of awareness and inadequate intake of protein, fiber, and other essential nutrients in the diets of people with diabetes. Protinex Diabetes Care demonstrates Danone’s commitment to inspire healthier eating and drinking habits among adults.”

With this launch, the company has entered Rs. 165 Crore health food drink market for diabetics. The product is retailed across India. It is going to be available in 200g and 400g packs across modern trade, general trade, and e-commerce channels.

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