Tuesday, September26,2023

Delhi Metro Witnesses Over 6 million Passenger Journeys Amid Yamuna Flooding

The recent flooding of the Yamuna River in Delhi has caused widespread disruption and impacted the movement of numerous individuals. However, despite the challenging circumstances, the Delhi Metro has recorded more than 6 million passenger journeys in the past three days.

Typically, Mondays witness over 6 million passenger journeys on the Delhi Metro. This week, there was a slight dip to 5.8 million journeys on Monday, followed by a notable increase to 6.2 million the next day. The numbers then remained steady at 6.1 million on Wednesday and Thursday, underscoring the Delhi Metro's crucial role in ensuring transportation during the flooding crisis.

Areas surrounding Metro stations, particularly Kashmere Gate, Yamuna Bank, and Mayur Vihar, have been severely affected by the flooding. On Thursday, floodwaters accumulated around the entry and exit points of Yamuna Bank station, leading to its temporary closure for safety reasons. Kashmere Gate's Receiving Sub Station (RSS) was also impacted, resulting in the suspension of power supply to the 17-kilometer stretch of the Red Line connected to the substation.

To mitigate service disruptions, DMRC engineers worked tirelessly to restore power to the affected section of the Red Line. Alternative power sources from the Rithala and Arthla RSS were utilized to ensure uninterrupted services. Additionally, as a preventive measure, trains were strategically relocated from depots near the Yamuna to those along the main line, facilitating smooth train movement in the flood-affected areas, as per DMRC officials.

Ahead of the monsoon season, the DMRC had conducted extensive drills to test the internal drainage system, deliberately flooding underground tunnels. The drainage pumps within the tunnels are designed to activate automatically when water levels rise, effectively managing such situations.

Despite the challenges posed by the Yamuna flooding, the Delhi Metro has demonstrated resilience and continues to provide essential transportation services to millions of passengers. The metro's dedication and preparedness during adverse conditions underscore its significance in the daily lives of Delhi residents.