Dr. Ravi Badavath, founder of Mission Walk is on a mission to cure patients suffering from neurological disorders

March 24: Despite an exponential rise in neurological disease, there is a scarcity of information about the rehabilitation needs of people with disabilities, particularly those who have suffered spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, strokes and Children with birth deformities. Paediatrics, in India, where such patients face numerous barriers to access rehabilitation services. Meet Dr. Ravi Badavath, who worked tirelessly for years to establish an organization ‘Mission Walk' aimed at catering to different rehabilitation needs of patients of all age groups suffering from a neurological disease with passion and utmost care.

Mission Walk, the brainchild of Dr. Ravi Badavath, serves each patient with special attention and provides them with inexpensive long-term treatment facilities, thus reaching out to more people than just the rich. As a result of a lack of sufficient care and treatment, such people are subjected to unwelcome neglect. During these times, Mission Walk works hard to achieve its mission of rehabilitating neurologically wounded individuals so that they can walk again and live side by side with the rest of us.

Dr. Badavath's journey was a difficult one. He started with 15 patients as he was aware of the fact that each patient requires special attention when it comes to neurological concerns. Even the timeline of recovery is fragile and long. It was then that Dr. Ravi decided to establish an organization that could cater to different rehabilitation needs of patients with passion and utmost care.

A man on a mission.

Dr. Badavath noticed how badly the country’s infrastructure for neuro patients was lacking. Furthermore, physiotherapists received only a limited amount of training in this area, and there was a paucity of data-based research in the sector. These factors had stifled any further advances in the field of neuro patient care, as well as any changes in their day-to-day living conditions. However, the gaps inspired Dr. Badavath to take the lead, and in 2016, he opened a rehabilitation facility in Hyderabad to provide world-class rehabilitation services for neuro patients in India.

Mission Walk has achieved the reputation of being an expert in the field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation as a result of a great deal of hard work and dedication. It treats patients with a variety of illnesses, including spinal cord injuries and other issues, brain injuries, stroke, and so on, within its broad scope. It also ensures that its services are available to patients of all ages.

Dr. Badavath, the founder of Mission Walk, aspires to be the best in the world through continuous innovation, patience, enthusiasm, and hard work. “Mission Walk has treated over 10,000 Patients so far, with a wide range of underlying diseases. The organization’s competent workers’ reputation, as well as its world-class services, quickly spread. In recent years, Mission Walk has seen patients from all around the world. It is credited with treating patients from India, the Middle East, Africa, and Southeast Asia.”

With the mission and vision of providing quality care and rehabilitation to patients suffering from neurological disease, the Mission Walk has identified professionals from across the country and recruited the best physiotherapists from the nook and corner of the country.

For more information on Mission Walk, please log on to https://missionwalk.in/

Source: Press Release
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