Bhuvan Bam recalls how he got into mimicry as a child imitating everyone's mannerisms

Mumbai, June 11 YouTuber, actor, and writer Bhuvan Bam reflected on his early life, sharing how his journey in mimicry began in school, saying that as a happy-go-lucky kid, he spent his days observing and imitating everyone's mannerisms.

Bhuvan, who is known for his comedy channel 'BB Ki Vines' on YouTube, recently appeared on cricketer Shikhar Dhawan's talk show 'Dhawan Karenge', where he shared details about his journey from being relatively unknown to becoming a beloved figure in the entertainment industry.

Bhuvan, who starred in the fantasy comedy-thriller series 'Taaza Khabar', said: "My journey in mimicry began back in school. Once, during an assembly, I was singled out because I mimicked a strict teacher, which got me in trouble. As an average student and a happy-go-lucky kid, I spent my days observing and imitating everyone's mannerisms from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m."

"Eventually, as I gained some recognition, I revisited my school and met the teachers who had punished me. Surprisingly, they explained they did it to encourage my talent," he shared.

Talking about the characters he has portrayed to date, Bhuvan said: "I drew inspiration from various sources, from family members to singers. I even observed customers at the restaurant where I used to sing."

"Papa Pancho's character was inspired by the legendary rapper Bohemia, while Titu Mama is based on my real uncle. My videos portray the typical interactions among three friends in Delhi. Nothing is extraordinary, but all I did was keep going," he added.

'Dhawan Karenge' airs on JioCinema.

Meanwhile, Bhuvan has also appeared in shows like 'Rafta Rafta', 'One Mic Stand', 'Dhindora', and 'MTV Unplugged'.

Source: IANS

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