Hruta Durgule learnt how to ride a bike in just six sessions: 'It feels so liberating'

Mumbai, July 11 Hruta Durgule said that she had a phobia of riding bikes, however, she overcame that as she prepared for her role in 'Commander Karan Saxena'. The actress said that she learnt the skill in just six sessions and finds it “so liberating.”

Hruta Durgule, who essays the role of Rachna Mhatre in the show, said: “I went for our show's meeting, and they asked me if I could ride a bike. I said I could do everything but ride a bike, but I’d learn it. After 10-12 days, I got confirmation that I was playing Rachna Mhatre’s character in the series, and I started my classes in April.”

“It took six sessions, and because of my height, my feet were not reaching the ground,” she said.

The actress said that when she learned the skill, she understood it well.

“It’s also an addition to my skill set, and I’m going to continue riding a bike because it feels so liberating. I’ve been driving a car since I was 18; it’s been 13-14 years. I can ride a rickshaw, I can drive an ambulance, everything—I can drive anything,” Hruta said.

“But with a bike, I had a major phobia. Somehow, I managed, and the bike we used was very heavy, so I was worried about that too. But I’m super glad that I could do this for Commander Karan Saxena.”

'Commander Karan Saxena' traces the story of a RAW agent as he dives into a political mystery to save the country. The show is directed by Jatin Wagle and is based on a character created by writer Amit Khan.

'Commander Karan Saxena' airs on Disney+ Hotstar.

Source: IANS
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