Nipun Dharmadhikari says he cast child actor Mihir Godbole because of his smile

Mumbai, May 15 Director-actor Nipun Dharmadhikari, who predominantly works in Marathi cinema, is currently gearing up for the release of his upcoming Marathi streaming series ‘Lampan’.

He opened up on casting child actor Mihir Godbole in the show, and as quirky as it may sound, the young actor was cast because of his teeth.

Nipun shared that when he first met Mihir, the actor’s smile caught his attention. Nipun said that Mihir’s smile had natural sincerity and warmth.

Exploring this unusual perspective, the director explained: "From the director's point of view, casting is about finding not just an actor, but someone who can fully embody a character. Lampan's journey was no different – every small detail was important, and we took our time. When I first met Mihir, his smile caught my attention; it had a natural sincerity and warmth that matched Lampan's spirit perfectly.”

“As we were wanting to eagerly find our Lampan, it became clear that Mihir's smile wasn't just a physical trait; it was a crucial part of the innocence and wonder we wanted to convey through his character. Choosing Mihir was an intuitive choice, based on the belief that his smile could bring Lampan's soul to life along with his incredible talents. It's moments like these when a bright smile lights up a room, that shows the magic of casting, shaping the heart of a production.”

Produced by Shrirang Godbole, Hrishikesh Deshpande, and Amit Patwardhan, ‘Lampan’ is set to drop on Sony LIV on May 16.

Source: IANS

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