Richa Soni is eager to play evil villain who is ‘psychotic and malicious’

Mumbai, May 16 Actress Richa Soni, who portrays the role of Raani Saa in the show 'Shaitani Rasmein', expressed her eagerness to play an evil villain who is psychotic and malicious on screen.

Richa said: "Raani Saa is a powerful woman who can be quite rude and stubborn in her decision-making. She is very particular about how things should be done, but deep down, she is loving and will do anything to protect her family.”

The actress said she can resonate with this character “because, in real life, I can also be a bit strict at times, but when it comes to protecting my family and loved ones, I will go to great lengths.”

“Like Raani Saa, I also find it hard to express love and care easily. This character is so close to my heart that I feel I wouldn't be able to do justice to a similar role outside of 'Shaitani Rasmein',” she added.

The actress said that she has often played innocent and naive characters. However, she wants to shift gears now.

“Portraying Raani Saa in 'Shaitani Rasmein' has ignited a desire to take on more complex roles. Now, I am eager to shift into playing a truly evil villain who is psychotic and malicious,” she said.

The actress added: “With training in various physical activities like MMA, kickboxing, and other sports, I want to channel these skills into a challenging role. I am actively seeking such opportunities in the future.

The show airs on Star Bharat.

Source: IANS

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