ET Money Introduces New Brand Identity; Adds Personalization to India's Investments

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ET Money, one of India’s fastest growing investment and wealth management platforms, today launched ET Money Genius, one of its kind membership service that will deliver personalized investing intelligence. To ensure a hyper-personalized experience, ET Money has revamped its entire App, brand identity and introduced a new design system. It has also unveiled a new logo, called
Wheel of Wealth
that signifies stability, protection, personalized approach to wealth & the sense of freedom that wealth gives to an individual to make & live their life choices. It has also changed how it spells the brand name from ETMONEY to ET Money to align to how users of the App preferred to spell it.

Speaking on the launch, Mukesh Kalra, Founder & CEO, ET Money said, “India is witnessing a phenomenal influx of new investors across different investment products. From being just savers in physical assets, Indians are opening up to new investment ideas. Indians are lapping up Stocks, Mutual Funds, IPOs, NFOs, Crypto and many other investment products. But instead of becoming investors, Indians are at risk of becoming a mere buyer, a shopper or just a collector of Investment Products. People are buying investment products like they shop for goods on shopping apps. This is happening because of the missing layer of personalization from the industry where players are focused on inducing transactions or just investment inflows because of a mis-aligned business model. In absence of personalization, everyone is buying the same types of investment products, irrespective of their Investor Personality, Risk Profile, time horizon or life goals. We are taking on the challenge of ending this impulsive behavior of shopping & collecting Investment Products to build personalized portfolios, that is powered by Investing Intelligence of ET Money. This service will be a member only offering and will be offered under our new service, ET Money Genius.”

ET Money’s new brand identity and a brand new App experience along with their membership service of ET Money Genius marks the beginning of its adding more impetus to its mission of helping India take informed financial decisions. The brand has always stood for simplifying Mutual Fund investments. It has continuously upped the innovation quotient of its offerings by not merely making it easy to transact but also added a layer of investing intelligence by way of building innovative tools like Fund Report Card, Investor Personality & Portfolio Health Check. It's now set its eyes on a bigger & more transformational goal of helping personalize this investing intelligence.

With a renewed App experience and a revolutionary product called ET Money Genius, ET Money is staking a claim to become India’s largest Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) within a few months of launch. Commenting further, Kalra added, “SEBI has a vision for the Wealth Management industry & that vision has a prominent role for RIAs who are supposed to be fiduciary to their clients & not create a business model on commissions or brokerage. ET Money has led the way for the industry making Direct Mutual Funds as a preferred way to participate in India’s growth story & now we are deepening our commitment further by bringing in hyper personalized investment intelligence to our investors & become India’s largest RIA by number of paying clients. ET Money Genius will start rolling out beginning January 27, 2022 and culminate into a public launch before mid-February 2022."

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