Example of courage, resilience, zeal and positivity in thoughts instead of giving up

You must have heard a proverb that no one can kill you if you keep the Saiyan, yes, this saying has been proven true once again by the doctors of Army Base Hospital, Delhi Cantonment, in respect of Varuni Awasthi, a 21-year-old girl who had suffered 41 fractures from face to ankle due to fall from her second-floor bathroom balcony while leaning down. Once again Army doctors performed a miracle and Varuni has become an inspiration for others.

This incident happened on 2 May and now the strong resilient girl is not only back to standing on her feet but has rejoined her college and carrying out normal day to day routine life. So, it proves once again that if the doctor is not God, then he is also not less than God. The team of doctors working under Brig Ghai completely cured the 21-year-old girl in just less than two months. The Doctors worked on each and every body part of the girl with the help of technology and gave a new life to the girl by joining her face which was badly broken. Let us tell you that the girl's father is a serving colonel in the army and he is working in the service of the country. Late in the evening, she slipped and fell from the balcony of her bathroom, due to which more than 41 fractures had occurred inside her entire body. And the doctor confirmed her and told the parents that there was almost 70% fracture in the whole body from top to bottom and the condition of the girl was critical. But neither the parents nor the doctors gave up and Varuni was treated with full dedication and today the result is in front of us to see that the girl is completely fit today and she has started to do all her work by herself.

Varuni’s mother told us that when she fell from the balcony, she was in a very bad condition, but the doctors encouraged us and treated the girl with great dedication and professionalism. “And finally with the grace of God and the miracle of the doctors, today our only child, Varuni is alive and fighting fit with us.” Lt. Gen. Abhay Krishna, retd who had the privilege to meet and interact with the girl and parents said that for him it was one of his most inspiring experiences in life to meet with Varuni and her parents. He said that he was amazed to see her looking so cute, cheerful, happy, glowing and smiling with great sense of humour that one can never believe what kind of trauma and agony she and parents must have gone through. All of us must, therefore, take an inspiration from this girl, parents and the team of doctors that how one should handle all kinds of tough challenges in the most difficult situations in life with such courage, resilience, zeal and positivity in thoughts instead of giving up. Mrs Shalini, mother of Varuni, said that, “We thank God as well as the doctors of Army Base Hospital, Delhi Cantt and we will ever remain indebted to them that they made an impossible task possible and brought our daughter back to normal life within less than two months.” The girl's parents also specially thanked the five doctors who made this operation successful, Brigadier Amresh Ghai (HOD Orthopaedics), Lt. Col. Tej Pratap Gupta (Orthopaedic), Lt. Col. Vivek M Philip (Orthopedics), Col. Kiran S (Anesthetist and Critical Care Special), Lt. Col. Ritesh Sharma (Anesthetist) and their team for making this impossible task possible with their untiring efforts. “Varuni and her parents are an epitome of real courage, resilience, positivity and self-confidence which we must take as an inspiration to build self-confidence when we are confronted with such difficult challenging moments in life,” added Lt Gen Abhay Krishna.


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