From Credit Tea to Chief Minister: The Story of Nitish Kumar and Nandalal Tea Vendor

Patna: Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, in his early days in politics, used to send a written note to Nandalal Tea Vendor, seeking credit for his tea. Back then, Nitish Kumar would make weekly and monthly payments for the tea he enjoyed. Despite Nandalal's shop being near the legislator's residence, circumstances have changed drastically, affecting Nandalal's son, Sanjay.

Reasons Behind the Credit Tea: Nitish Kumar, known for his punctuality in payments, used to order his tea and promptly settle the bills. Nandalal's tea shop still stands on Veerchand Patel Path, near the legislator's residence. In the past, this tea shop witnessed gatherings of socialist leaders. Although Nandalal is no longer with us, his legacy lives on through his son, Sanjay Kumar, who remembers Nitish Kumar's fondness for special tea.

Memories of the "Credit Note": Nitish Kumar used to personally sign the credit notes that he sent to Nandalal, leaving his mark on the transactions. Sanjay Kumar, the current owner, reminisces about the past, revealing that their shop is over 60 years old. This particular credit note, dated July 30, 1989, demanded seven cups of special tea. At the time, many socialist leaders, including Vashishth Narayan Singh and Ram Bahadur Singh, frequented Nandalal's shop for tea and meals.

Change in Residence and Shop: Earlier, Nandalal's shop operated within the legislator's residence. However, when a new legislative residence was constructed, the shop was removed from the premises. Five years ago, after a news report was published, Nitish Kumar invited Nandalal and initiated the process of securing a permanent arrangement for the shop. He involved senior IAS officer Chanchal Kumar in the process.

Sanjay's Ongoing Struggle: Despite their efforts, the situation remains unresolved even after five years. People still hope that Nitish Kumar will fulfill his promise to provide a permanent space for the shop. Sanjay Kumar, exhausted from running around, continues to wait for a resolution.

Nandalal's Legacy: When Sanjay Kumar first met Nitish Kumar, the Chief Minister appreciated his dedication to preserving the credit note. Nitish Kumar assured him that a permanent arrangement would be made for the shop that was removed from the legislative residence.

Sanjay's Dismantled Shop: Sanjay Kumar explains that, due to the lack of a permanent space, he has to operate the shop on the sidewalk, which is constantly under threat from the encroachment removal team. Bulldozers are often used to clear the area.

The Tea Vendor's Long Wait: For five years, Nandalal Tea Vendor and Sanjay Kumar have been awaiting the fulfillment of the Chief Minister's instructions to provide them with a permanent arrangement for their shop.

Nitish Kumar's Reaction: When Nitish Kumar met Sanjay, he was amused to see the well-preserved credit note. He praised Sanjay for maintaining it and assured him of a permanent arrangement for his shop.

The story of Nandalal Tea Vendor and Nitish Kumar's credit tea provides a unique glimpse into the early struggles of a prominent political figure and the bond he shared with a local tea vendor.

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