Gadgetshieldz Becomes the First Indian Brand to Release OnePlus 9RT Mobile Skins and Screen Guards

Business Wire IndiaRight after OnePlus 9RT made its debut in India on the 14th of January, Gadgetshieldz, India's no.1 Mobile Skin and Screen Protectors brand, was the first brand to release mobile skins and screen guards for the mentioned smartphone. On the 17th of January, Gadgetshieldz launched screen guards, full-body protectors and multi-textured mobile skins, including special edition mobile skins for the OnePlus 9RT. As the phone launch event was on a Friday evening, right before onset of the weekend, the team would have faced a little bit of difficulty in manufacturing precisely cut
oneplus skins
and screen guard immediately. But, the team instead decided to power through this time and thus, made the manufacturing happen within the weekend. This is what led to the release of the products by 17th January, Monday evening. Mukesh Jain, CEO of Gadgetshieldz, says, "We try to put ourselves in people's shoes when they buy a new phone and what happens to it merely after a few weeks because we have all been there. We get so busy with the excitement of a new phone that we forget that it is necessary to protect our device(s) externally as much as we would carefully optimize our phones specs and features for best performance. Eventually, our device(s) starts looking dusty and old in no time. Hence this time, we decided to move swiftly towards designing and manufacturing phone skins, screen guards and full-body device protectors right after the launch of OnePlus 9RT. After all, people had been eagerly waiting for this phone since last year! And not to forget, OnePlus 9RT is a tad bit heavy phone. So, we figured people would prefer mobile skin and screen protectors over cases for this one for external device protection. What would have been a better time to start, if not sooner?"

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