Good News for the Farmers Cultivating Millet

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Nuziveedu Seeds Limited Company released a new Bajra hybrid “Sunmax” through a digital platform in which more than 5000 farmers participated online! The program was broadcast live on social media such as YouTube and Facebook.

Addressing the farmers, the officials of Nuziveedu Seeds Limited Company highlighted the features of Hybrid Bajra “Sunmax”!

He told that the new hybrid Bajra "Sunmax" matures in 80 to 85 days and it remains green till ripening this variety is best for planting in the summer season, it does not even fall, the length of the plant of this variety is 7 to 8 feet. And these Bajra seeds are solid and the grains are also more in each earhead.

This new hybrid variety of Bajra Sunmax will give more benefit to the farmers because this Hybrid gives more fodder with good yield and due to the good quality of the grain, it is tastier in food and more marketable.

The officials of Nuziveedu Seeds Limited Company encouraged the farmers to do modern scientific farming and informed them about the management of diseases and pests and fertilizer management in time.

In summary, Nuziveedu Seeds Limited Company's hybrid Bajra “Sunmax” will benefit the farmers in the summer season with more fodder and more yield.

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