Brain-Boosting Superfoods to Keep Your Mind Sharp

Staying healthy has become a bit difficult nowadays because the deteriorating lifestyle does not allow this to happen. Being healthy does not only mean physical health but also mental health. The brain is one of the most important parts of our body which remains active all the time. Therefore, it is important that we take good care of it. Today we are going to tell you about some such super foods, whose consumption will make your brain sharp and eating them will also increase concentration. So let's know about them now -


Almonds contain riboflavin and L-carnitine and because of these, both nutrients are helpful in preventing cognitive decline. You can include almonds in your diet to keep the brain healthy.


It is said that consuming green vegetables regularly is beneficial but consuming fruits along with vegetables is also beneficial. The nutrients found in capsicum, carrots, broccoli etc. are excellent for the mental health of the child. Apart from this, the consumption of spinach, coriander, peas, greens etc. helps in staying active and fit.


Spinach is an anti-oxidant, which helps to boost the brain. It is also known as the eye vitamin. The lutein element helps to protect against many diseases. It provides strength to the brain, also improves memory.


If you use turmeric in your food or drink milk mixed with turmeric, it not only adds flavor, but also helps in keeping the brain healthy. It is rich in anti-oxidants, anti-aging, anti-cancer and helps in maintaining memory.


Egg yolk contains choline, which helps in increasing memory function. The protein present in it helps in muscle growth. Almost everyone likes to eat eggs, so you can make its bhurji or eat it in the form of omelette.

Dark chocolate

If you are fond of eating chocolate, then you will be happy to know that dark chocolate is good for brain health. If a little dark chocolate is eaten every day, then blood flow also improves and it is also considered good for improving mood. It is also helpful in improving memory.


Research has shown that if you include fish in your diet two days a week, it is very beneficial for the brain. Its consumption increases memory power and keeps the brain healthy.

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