Pediatrician's Monsoon Health Guide: Protecting Children During Weather Changes

Diseases start increasing due to weather changes. In such a situation, people of all age groups should take special care. Special care should be taken of children. Their immunity power decreases due to monsoon. The risk of infection is also high in this season. The risk of diseases like viral, flu, diarrhea, cold and cough increases. At the same time, there is also a risk of typhoid and jaundice due to drinking contaminated water. Let us understand from pediatrician Dr. Silky Mittal how children should be taken care of during weather changes.

Every year, a child below the age of five must be given flu vaccine. So that diseases can be avoided. Apart from this, parents should also pay special attention to the food habits of children.

Hand washing habit should be inculcated in children, because this can also prevent infection. If children are unwell, they should not be sent to school, because other children can also fall ill due to this.

Children should not be allowed to eat outside junk food. Instead, they should be given nutritious food at home, it is beneficial for health. Also, green vegetables can get contaminated in the rain, so wash them carefully before eating.

Children should be given plenty of water, because drinking less water can lead to constipation and urine infection.

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