The Ideal AC Temperature for Health and Savings

In the midst of extreme heat, the temperature of AC in homes has a different effect. Those who feel more heat want to keep the temperature as low as possible. On the other hand, the body of some people cannot tolerate low temperature. Do you know what is the best temperature of AC for our body and pocket? That is, at what temperature you can also save on electricity bills.

Everyone can have a different opinion on what should be the ideal temperature of AC. A quote has already come from the Power Ministry that if the temperature of AC is kept at 24 degrees instead of 18 to 21, then up to 24 percent energy can be saved. This causes less damage to your environment. At the same time, money can also be saved in your AC bill. If you keep the temperature of AC low, then its compressor will also run for a long time.

If seen from the point of view of health, the normal temperature of humans is 36-37 degrees Celsius. If you keep the temperature up to 24 degrees, then it is close to your body temperature. This is a healthy temperature for the people of India. According to experts, the human body feels comfortable in a temperature of 24 to 25 degrees.

If you sit in AC for a long time, then there will be a problem of dryness in the skin, hair and eyes. In such a situation, keep a humidifier in the room.

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