IFFI Invites Entries for Maiden Edition of Best Web Series (OTT) Award

The world of entertainment is evolving rapidly, with digital platforms and OTT services redefining the way we consume content. In a groundbreaking move, the International Film Festival of India (IFFI) is embracing this digital transformation by introducing the inaugural edition of the "Best Web Series (OTT) Award". This prestigious award aims to recognize, celebrate, and promote outstanding web series content created for online platforms.

The 54th edition of the International Film Festival of India is set to take place in Goa from November 20 to 28, 2023. As the industry acknowledges the growing demand for quality content on digital platforms, this new award category adds a significant milestone to the festival's legacy.

The entertainment landscape in India has undergone a seismic shift in recent years. According to a report by FICCI-EnY, the creation of new and original OTT content in India hit an impressive 3,000 hours in 2022 alone. What's even more remarkable is the audience engagement on OTT platforms, with viewership soaring from 13.5 crores to 18 crores. This surge in viewership outpaces traditional cinema-goers, underlining the undeniable impact of OTT platforms on content consumption.

The primary objective of the "Best Web Series (OTT) Award" is to acknowledge and celebrate the burgeoning OTT content ecosystem and its creators. By doing so, the award aims to foster growth, innovation, and creativity in the Indian OTT industry. This recognition also extends to web series content produced in Indian languages, championing regional diversity and creative expression.

Furthermore, the award will highlight the significant role of the OTT space in nurturing and showcasing exceptional talent. By providing a platform for content creators and OTT platforms to showcase their work, exchange ideas, and forge international connections through the IFFI, the award aims to catalyze investment opportunities in India's dynamic OTT sector.

To qualify for the award, submitted web series must be originally created or shot in any Indian language. The series should be an original work commissioned, produced, co-produced, licensed, or acquired for exclusive release on an OTT platform. All episodes of the entry should have been released on an OTT platform between January 1, 2022, and December 31, 2022.

The web series or season under consideration must meet specific criteria:

- Total runtime of at least 180 minutes.

- A minimum of three episodes, with each episode lasting 25 minutes or more.

- All episodes must be linked under the same title or trade name.

Content creators and production houses interested in participating can submit their entries through the official online entry form available on the award's website: https://bestwebseriesaward.com/. The submission deadline is set for 6 PM on August 25, 2023.

In addition to the online submission, a stamped and signed hard copy of the online application, along with supporting materials, must reach the organizing committee by August 31, 2023. In case August 31, 2023, is declared a holiday, the subsequent working day will be considered the final date for application receipt.

The pinnacle of the award, the "Best Web Series" award, will be bestowed upon one exceptional web series that excels in artistic merit, storytelling, technical brilliance, and overall impact. The recipient will receive a cash prize of Rs. 10 lakhs, to be equally shared among the director(s), creator(s), and the producer(s) or production house(s) involved in the original production or co-production.

Alongside the cash prize, certificates will be presented to the director(s) and creator(s), as well as the producer(s) or production house(s) involved in the original production or co-production. Additionally, the OTT platform streaming the award-winning web series will also receive a certificate, acknowledging its contribution to showcasing exceptional content.

As the entertainment landscape evolves, the "Best Web Series (OTT) Award" ushers in a new era of recognition for the creators and platforms driving the industry forward. This award not only celebrates outstanding content but also underscores the critical role that OTT platforms play in shaping the future of entertainment in India. With a focus on innovation, diversity, and excellence, the award promises to be a catalyst for further growth and collaboration in the Indian OTT sector.


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