Imbue Natural Launches - Embrace the Awkward - a Revolutionary Women’s Wellness Movement

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Challenging convention and pushing the boundaries of intimate and general self-care, activist brand Imbue Natural has launched a revolutionary wellness movement termed ‘Embrace the Awkward’. Using this umbrella thought to break the silence on feminine health issues considered taboo in India and other parts of the world, the brand aims to merge talks on menstrual hygiene, sexual expression & reproductive health and normalize the use of natural & innovative feminine-care products as a healthy part of daily routine.

In the first phase of #EmbraceTheAwkward, Imbue has partnered with a holistic sex education platform- Coitopedia, that works towards creating awareness around topics like sexual hygiene, contraceptive methods, safe sex practices, STIs, sexual abuse prevention, pregnancy, etc. This February, lmbue and Coitopedia will collectively launch a contextually relevant educational series designed to focus on the cognitive, emotional, social, interactive, and physical aspects of sexuality.

Co-founded by Aastha Sharma, SAK Rajesh, and Sayantan Bhattacharjee, Imbue prides itself on building a safe space for women to address uncomfortable issues with a range of products specifically designed to cater to the awkward needs of women across their reproductive years- be it vaginal odor, period pain, cracked breasts or sexual pleasure! Completely devoid of harmful chemicals, the brand has reinvented feminine care made with acclaimed ingredients from Ancient Ayurveda. Imbue’s ‘Awkward Essentials’ are segmented into four ranges: Firefly (Sexual Wellness), Rosa (Uterine Health), Daalia (Intimate Care) & Niraama (General Wellbeing).

“Despite better access to education and health opportunities, women still experience massive social barriers and behavioural expectations that limit their mental and physiological well-being. Imbue’s ‘EmbraceTheAwkward’ platform connects women of all ages dealing with different feminine issues such as periods, menopause, pregnancy, and sex. We see an incredible opportunity to use the power of digital media and engage with these women through content, consultations, and community support. Our end goal is to empower a new generation of consumers to make informed, positive decisions around their bodies and lives as we normalize the use of products that place emphasis on a self-care experience that is much more than ‘what-shows’ ”said
Aastha Sharma, Co-founder, Imbue.

The company is excited about the platform’s potential to dramatically change how feminine wellbeing is understood. With an eye to correct the ‘unfortunate culture of taboo’, Imbue is working with artists, prominent personalities, digital influencers, sexuality educators, resident doctors, and consumers to build a close-knit community of like-minded wellness activists.

#EmbraceTheAwkward calls on women & all individuals that identify with their feminine side to engage in a judgment-free conversation zone and benefit from a unique, niche product range that caters to their deeply personal needs. We are delighted to partner with Imbue on building an educational series designed to reflect the choices sexually active individuals face in the context of Indian society. The content will enable women to ask relevant questions and make informed decisions about their reproductive, intimate & sexual being, ”said
Sonali Gupta, Founder, Coitopedia.

All Imbue Natural products are natural and safe with no artificial colours, no petrochemicals, parabens, or other harmful additives.
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