Bihar to Create 8 Lakh Govt Jobs by 2025, Says CM Nitish Kumar

Patna, February 13: Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Tuesday announced a target of creating 8 lakh government jobs in Bihar by next year, aiming to address the state's unemployment challenge. This comes on top of the earlier announced 10 lakh jobs and 10 lakh employment opportunities, taking the total to over 28 lakh before the 2025 Assembly elections.

Addressing the Bihar Legislative Assembly during a debate on the Governor's address,CM Nitesh Kumar said, "We have set an ambitious target of providing 8 lakh government jobs in the next year. This, coupled with the earlier announced 10 lakh jobs and 10 lakh employment opportunities, will take the total to more than 28 lakh before the next Assembly polls."

He further clarified that 5 lakh jobs and 5 lakh employment opportunities will be created within the next few months, followed by the 8 lakh government jobs within the next year. This revised target supersedes the previous announcement of 10 lakh government jobs.

Focus on Police Recruitment, Infrastructure Development:

CM Nitesh Kumar also highlighted the government's commitment to bolstering security by increasing the state's police force to over 2.5 lakh personnel. He pointed out that the number stood at a mere 42,481 when he first took office in 2005.

Infrastructure development remains a key focus, with Nitesh Kumar mentioning the construction of numerous bridges that have significantly reduced travel time across the state. He also expressed the ambition to further reduce the travel time from Patna to the farthest corner to just 5 hours.

Addressing Concerns and Questions:

While acknowledging the positive impact of the job creation initiative on the ruling NDA's chances in the upcoming elections, CM Nitesh Kumar did not shy away from addressing potential concerns. He acknowledged the need to provide details about the specific job roles and funding mechanisms.

"We understand the need for transparency and will soon share details about the nature of jobs, recruitment processes, and funding plans," he assured the Assembly.

Overall, the announcement by CM Nitish Kumar offers a significant ray of hope for Bihar's youth grappling with unemployment. The focus on infrastructure development and improved connectivity further strengthens the government's commitment to the state's overall progress.


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