BJP accuses Delhi govt of 'surreptitiously' increasing power tariff

New Delhi, July 10 Delhi BJP President Virendra Sachdeva on Wednesday accused the AAP government of "surreptitiously" increasing electricity tariffs under the guise of the Power Purchase Adjustment Cost (PPAC) Act.

Sachdeva told IANS, "They are increasing the rates surreptitiously. They are not changing the units, but under the PPAC Act, the charges have increased to 8.5 per cent, hence, doubling it for the consumers."

Increased rates have been implemented under PPAC to cover the costs incurred by distribution companies when purchasing electricity from power generation firms.

The BJP has accused the Delhi government of passing the higher costs onto consumers through their electricity bills.

Questioning the "financial burden" on the public due to the pension trust for retired employees of the companies, the BJP state chief said, "There is a pension trust for retired employees from companies who will receive pensions. Why should the people of Delhi bear the burden of this expense?"

Criticising the government, Sachdeva said, "It is the policy of the Delhi government that along with running the government from jail, they will also loot Delhi from prison."

Addressing a press conference earlier in the day, Sachdeva highlighted the frequent power cuts in the national Capital during the scorching summer, claiming that the government secretly arranged to increase electricity prices to "loot Delhi."

He further alleged that the Power Purchase Adjustment charges were never heard of earlier but have gradually started appearing in electricity bills.

Source: IANS

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