Delhi HC grants injunction to Rajat Sharma against trademark infringement, restrains use of 'Baap Ki Adalat'

New Delhi, June 10 Ruling in favour of senior journalist Rajat Sharma, the Delhi High Court has issued an interim order restraining an individual from using the India TV logo and the "Baap Ki Adalat" trademark in social media content.

Justice Anish Dayal granted the ad-interim ex parte injunction against Ravindra Kumar Choudhary, who was accused of infringing on Sharma's personality rights and trademark.

The court's decision came after Sharma and Independent News Service Private Ltd, which owns the India TV news channel, filed a suit against Choudhary.

The plaintiffs alleged that Choudhary, a self-proclaimed political satirist, had been producing and publishing videos on social media that featured the India TV logo and the "Baap Ki Adalat" mark, a deceptive imitation of the channel's logo and the popular show "Aap Ki Adalat".

Justice Dayal's order also directed social media platforms to remove Choudhary's content, including posts and links that featured the infringing trademarks.

The injunction specifically prohibits Choudhary from using Sharma's photograph, video, or name in any manner that might violate the journalist's personality rights. The court found that the plaintiffs had established a prima facie case for the injunction.

"Balance of convenience lies in favour of the plaintiff, and they are likely to suffer irreparable harm in case the injunction, as prayed for, is not granted," Justice Dayal stated.

The matter is scheduled for further hearing on October 18, with the court's interim order remaining in effect until then.

Source: IANS

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