Geospatial intel key for boosting security in Indo-pacific region: Experts

New Delhi, June 11 Geospatial intelligence is crucial to boost regional security in the Indo-Pacific, which is a stable economic powerhouse and yet a sensitive region, said experts here on Tuesday.

They were speaking at the 14th edition of the Indo-Pacific Geo Intelligence Forum being held in the national capital.

The two-day event, based on the theme ‘Resilient Multi-Domain regional security’, highlights the combined power of geospatial intelligence, space-based assets, and cutting-edge innovation to tackle emerging threats in Indo-Pacific -- the fastest growing region of the world as well as a critical avenue of global trade and commerce.

“Indo-Pacific is the region of hope since it is an economic powerhouse, and nearly half of the world’s population resides here,” said Lt. Gen Rakesh Kapoor, Deputy Chief of the Army Staff ( Information Systems and Coordination).

“Militaries in this region require geospatial technology to gain a competitive advantage over their adversaries. Indo-Pacific is a theatre of rivalries.”

While most of the domains -- land, sea, air, space -- are global commons for growth and development, “adherence to laws and governance” is of concern, he said.

“The Indo-Pacific region is stable but sensitive due to economic interdependencies leading to symbiotic relationships and strategic patience,” said Lt. Gen Kapoor.

Gen VK Singh, Former Indian Army Chief of Army Staff, said that the region “contributes to our GDP and the trade.”

“Hence there’s a need for technologies to counter what you see,” he added, calling for greater coordination and cooperation to grasp a clear picture, and the need to utilise all the utilities and geospatial intelligence applications, from Artificial Intelligence to data.”

The Indo-Pacific stretches from the Gulf of Oman in the west to the US Pacific coast in the east.

The region accounts for “over 50 per cent of the world’s trade”, and “90 per cent of India’s trade passes from this region,” said Vice Admiral Tarun Sobti, Deputy Chief of Indian Naval Staff, stressing the need to strengthen maritime security.

He said as recent maritime incidents are concerning, geospatial intelligence is critical for maritime domain awareness.

Lt. Gen Kapoor added that more than 35 per cent of global cybercrimes occur within the confines of Indo-Pacific geography.

He also noted that the region is seeing a rise in human trafficking, illegal fishing, drugs, and piracy, leading to loss of livelihoods.

Source: IANS

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