Gurugram MP demands Central agency probe against Eco Green

Gurugram, July 10 Union Minister of State and MP from Gurugram Rao Inderjit Singh on Wednesday demanded an investigation by a Central agency into the affairs of Eco Green, the company handling the cleaning system in Gurugram,

Rao placed the demand during the Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) meeting held in Chandigarh under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Naib Saini.

He said that during the Lok Sabha elections, the Municipal Corporation Councilor, and representatives of various Resident Welfare Associations (RWA) had complained to the former Chief Minister and him about giving contracts to this company and its payment issues.

The company was warned several times to follow the terms and conditions and improve its working system, but the company did not improve its working system. The situation is such that the cleaning system has completely collapsed and the people of Gurugram are facing huge problems.

Rao said that the company had to set up a plant to generate electricity from garbage at Bandhwadi dumping yard, which the company could not start even after years.

Rao said that the company was continuously paid despite hundreds of complaints from public representatives and RWAs which is a serious matter.

"Despite the complaints received against the company for years, the officials had paid crores of rupees to the company, while they were negligent in cancelling the company's tender. This is proof that somewhere the company had the blessings of government officials and politicians," he said in the meeting.

Rao said that in the Lok Sabha elections, I too had to face questions from the people as a public representative. Rao said that the Gurugram officials had sent the file to Chandigarh in December itself to cancel the tender of the company, but despite this, a decision was taken in June this year.

Apart from this, the Union Minister said that the BJP government is about to complete 10 years in the state, but the issue of construction of Gurugram Civil Hospital and Bus Stand still stands.

"Gurugram district gives more than 60 per cent of the revenue to the state government's treasury, but despite this, depriving the people here of basic facilities is gross negligence.

Similarly, the old bus stand of Gurugram was declared condemned years ago but the process of construction has not started yet not only at the old place but also for the construction of a new interstate bus stand," he added.

He said that for years this file has been moving from one department of the government to another and it seems that the intentions of the government officials are not right.

Source: IANS

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