Lucknow University to woo foreign experts for research work

Lucknow, June 11 The Lucknow University (LU) has launched a ‘Researcher in Residence programme’ under which foreign faculty, scientists and industry experts can conduct research at the university.

According to LU spokesman, this programme is designed to foster international collaboration and enhance the intellectual vibrancy of its academic community.

LU will provide accommodation and a contingent grant to the visiting researcher. In return, the researchers will be expected to produce tangible research outputs, engage actively with the academic community and participate in seminars and workshops held at the campus.

“In view of the current global academic and environmental scenario, higher education institutions across the globe have started inter-institutional collaborations and communication. Such provisions shall add to academic and cultural exchange which is the need of higher education in the current global scenario,” said vice-chancellor Prof Alok Kumar Rai.

He said this programme offers a unique opportunity for international faculty, scientists and industry experts with a PhD or equivalent research experience to immerse themselves in the academic life of LU for a minimum duration of three months.

This initiative aims to create a collaborative environment where visiting researchers can work closely with local faculty and students, participate in seminars and workshops and contribute to the university’s research goal, he added.

“Applicants must possess a PhD or equivalent research experience and should be affiliated with recognised universities, colleges, institutions, or industries outside India. A well-defined research proposal outlining the objectives, methodology and expected outcomes of the proposed project, is required,” the vice chancellor said.

Additionally, applicants must commit to teaching and mentoring at LU during their stay.

Visiting researchers will have access to state-of-the-art laboratories, libraries and other essential research facilities, he said.

Applications will be accepted year-round and should be submitted at least six months before the proposed residency period. Preference will be given to applicants with a strong academic background, a demonstrated record of research excellence and proposals that align with LU’s research priorities.

Source: IANS

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