Maruti Fronx Outsells Hyundai Exter, Trails Tata Punch in Mini SUV Segment

The demand for small models in the SUV segment of the country is increasing rapidly. Compared to hatchbacks, they have more space and bigger ground clearance, due to which they give better performance on all types of roads. In the last few months, there has been a tough competition between Tata Punch, Hyundai Exter and Maruti Fronx in the mini SUV segment. Although the Fronx is bigger and more expensive than both these SUVs, its demand has still been higher than the Exter. Even though the Punch dominates this segment, the Fronx was also included in the list of top-10 cars last month.

Talking about the sales of these cars in May, 18,949 units of Tata Punch, 12,681 units of Maruti Fronx and 7,697 units of Hyundai Exter were sold. The big setback for the Punch was that it lost the number-1 position. However, the Punch still remained at the number-1 position in the SUV segment. By the way, the price of Fronx is the highest among these three models. The price of Fronx is Rs 7.52 lakh, while that of Punch and Exter is Rs 6.13 lakh. That is, there is a difference of Rs 1.39 lakh between them. Even after this, its demand is more than many models.

Talking about the sales of these three SUVs in the last 6 months (December 2023 to May 2024), in December 2023, 9,692 units of Fronx, 13,787 units of Punch and 7,516 units of Exter were sold. In January 2024, 13,643 units of Fronx, 17,978 units of Punch and 8,229 units of Exter were sold. In February 2024, 14,168 units of Fronx, 18,438 units of Punch and 7,582 units of Exter were sold. In March 2024, 12,531 units of Fronx, 17,547 units of Punch and 8,475 units of Exter were sold. In April 2024, 14,286 units of Fronx, 19,158 units of Punch and 7,756 units of Exter were sold. In May 2024, 12,681 units of Fronx, 18,949 units of Punch and 7,697 units of Exter were sold.

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