MUDA scam: K’taka BJP releases 'documents' on CM Siddaramaiah's role, seeks CBI probe

Bengaluru, July 10 Karnataka BJP on Wednesday demanded Chief Minister Siddaramaiah's resignation after releasing 'documents' regarding the Mysuru Urban Development Authority (MUDA) land scam.

The party has also demanded a probe by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) into the scam and decided to stage statewide protests.

Addressing a press conference here, state President B.Y. Vijayendra said, "If any Chief Minister in the country has committed a scam during his tenure and sought compensation from his own government, it is CM Siddaramaiah. According to the rules, CM Siddaramaiah’s wife was supposed to be allotted two alternate sites measuring 40x60 feet for the land acquired for which she was allotted 14 sites."

“In their sale deed, it is mentioned that as per 1991 rules, the allotments are made to Parvathamma, CM’s wife. As per 1991 rules, she was eligible for the allotment of two 40x60 sites for the 3.16 acres of land she lost. Instead, MUDA allotted 14 sites measuring 40x60. This is totally illegal. These sites, which were supposed to be allotted to the poor, were given to the CM's wife,” Vijayendra stated.

He further said that the CM’s associates claimed in press conferences that the land acquisition by MUDA began in 1992, and de-notification was done in 1998. In 2004, the CM’s brother-in-law made the purchase. "In the RTC (primary record of land ownership), it is clearly mentioned that the land was already under the acquisition of MUDA. If this is true, the first question is how CM’s brother-in-law purchased the land that was already acquired."

"In 2004, the land was acquired by MUDA. This 3.16-acre piece of land was acquired by MUDA before it was purchased by CM’s brother-in-law and later given to CM’s wife through the gift deed. The RTC document clearly states this," Vijayendra reiterated.

“In spite of this, the land purchase was made, and land conversion was also done. Another factor is that the gift deed wrongfully mentions the acquired land as farmland. On the date the land was gifted, it had already been converted and was not agricultural land,” he pointed out.

“Thirdly, in the 2013 affidavit submitted to the Election Commission (EC), CM Siddaramaiah made no reference to this 3.16 acres of land. This is a clear violation of the model code of conduct and the People’s Representative Act. The BJP will file a complaint with the EC,” he stated.

"Fourthly, CM Siddaramaiah repeatedly claims that he was supposed to get sites worth Rs 62 crore but received sites worth Rs 18 crore only. However, the guideline value of the allotted sites is Rs 3,000 per square foot, and the market value is more than Rs 9,000. CM Siddaramaiah got a total of 14 sites worth more than Rs 63 to Rs 64 crore allotted in the name of his wife. Each site is worth more than Rs 2 crore. The people of the state are questioning this,” he emphasized.

"MUDA, to hand over the land voluntarily under a special scheme, made allotments of 14 sites on January 5, 2022, under the 1991 rules to the CM’s wife. The important fact here is that MUDA’s 1991 land acquisition rules state that for more than one acre, one 40x60 site should be given, and for more than three acres, two 40x60 sites should be given to his wife," he stated.

"Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, who boasts of ensuring social justice, stands exposed with his ministers today. Within one year of being in power, the mask of the Congress government has come off. The people now know the true nature of the Congress party and government after their involvement in scams and scandals has been exposed," Vijayendra stated.

"CM Siddaramaiah has attempted to mislead the public by giving clarifications on the MUDA land scam. I want to convey directly that the true nature of CM Siddaramaiah has been exposed. In an attempt to grab costly sites, all rules have been ignored, and influence has been used. At every stage, illegality has been committed,” the BJP chief said.

"Once the scam came to light, Minister for Urban Development Byrathi Suresh rushed to Mysuru, held a meeting with officers, gathered information, and soon all the officers were transferred. These officers, who should have been punished, were protected through transfers by Minister Suresh to cover up the scam. More than Rs 5,000 crore worth of sites allotted illegally to influential people were protected through these transfers.

The Deputy Commissioner who flagged the MUDA land scam was also transferred. At the outset, it is evident that Minister Suresh did this to hush up the scam. All relevant files were carried to Bengaluru by Minister Suresh. This is the first time such an event has occurred in history. The concerned minister, CM Siddaramaiah, is involved in a significant land scam, and all files have been hidden to cover it up, Vijayendra alleged.

One week after the land scam involving CM Siddaramaiah came to light, 42 sites were allotted to one influential person. Chief Minister Siddaramaiah’s case is not the only example. Thousands of sites have been illegally allotted since CM Siddaramaiah came to power. “These are not just allegations; I am releasing the documents,” he stated.

CM Siddaramaiah’s misuse of power and involvement in corruption is an unpardonable crime. He has twisted the law to acquire sites. The BJP is staging a protest demanding a CBI probe into the MUDA land scam on Friday. The issue will be raised both inside and outside the session, he stated.

Source: IANS
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