Nine-year-old swims across Yamuna in 18 minutes

Prayagraj (UP), June 10 A nine-year-old boy, Rudra Singh, has crossed the 600-meter-wide Yamuna River in 18 minutes.

The boy accomplished this feat and he has been trained by Kamala Nishad and Puja Kapoor.

The class 3 student started swimming from Meerapur Sindu Sagar ghat (Kakraha ghat) at 6.25 am and crossed the river to Vidyapeeth Maheva ghat at 6:43 am.

Master trainer Tribhuwan Nishad said, “The little boy has crossed the river swimming with breaststroke and it was his determination that helped him perform the feat. He had shown keen interest in swimming since childhood.”

His parents, Shilpi and Vivek Singh said, “The boy was greeted by everyone on both banks of Yamuna.”

His family members, riding on boats, cheered the boy till he crossed the river.

Source: IANS

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