PM Narendra Modi Honours Innovation & Creation Of Youth Of India

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy!

We all have heard this as children but in the times of unprecedented technological advancement, this saying might just have acquired a new meaning altogether. This was seen at India’s first-ever National Creators Award 2024, a lively ceremony where Prime Minister Narendra Modi presented the awards to some of the brightest, top-most digital content creators from across the country, in various categories. Who would have imagined our every-day YouTubers being honored for, what the PM called, “having made a place for themselves.”

PM Modi gave away the awards at the Bharat Mandapam in New Delhi and the awards were announced to celebrate the contribution made by these creators in bringing a positive social change through innovation of mind and technology.

While addressing the content creators, PM Modi said, “You are brand ambassadors of the vocal for local innovation. From the data revolution to cheap mobile phones, a new world has been created for content creators. The credit for the birth of this award show goes to the youth of this country and every digital content creator.” He also said, “You can reach out to any corner of the world in a fraction of a second.”

Highlighting the changing times across the globe, Modi said, “Today, in Bharat Mandapam, the country is fulfilling its destiny, which is to join step with the country’s progress in these times of change.” He referred to the maiden National Creators Awards of the country as an occasion to identify and acknowledge this ‘new age’ in advance.

PM also reminisced that he was often asked about the secret behind his success as a politician and the two-time PM of the country. He quipped that he doesn’t share his secret with everyone who asks this question but would make an exception for the creators. He revealed, “By the God’s grace, I can sense the time ahead of time.” With that, he declared that the National Creators Awards could become the most prominent awards ceremony in the country in the coming years.

More than 200 creators were nominated for 23 categories ranging from the “Best Storyteller Award” to the “Favorite Celebrity Creator”, and from the “New India Champion” to the “Disruptor of the Year” award. Some of the prominent winners in these categories are Kamiya Jani (Favourite Travel Creator), Ranveer Allahabadia (Disruptor of the Year), Aman Gupta (Celebrity Creator of the Year), Kabita Singh (Best Creator in Food Category), Maithili Thakur (Cultural Ambassador of the Year), RJ Raunac (Most Creative Creator Male), Jaya Kishori (Best Creator for Social Change), and Malhar Kalambe (Swachhta Ambassador).

(The writer is a Mortgage Specialist, Zonal Manager with Andromeda (India’s largest loan distributor) and occasional political commentator.)


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