Spurned lover stabs woman to death in Hubballi house; BJP says police inaction resulted in tragedy (LD)

Bengaluru, May 15 In a shocking incident, a spurned lover barged into a girl's house and stabbed her to death in the early hours of Wednesday in Karnataka's Hubballi city.

BJP MLA for Hubballi-Dharwad Central seat Mahesh Tenginakai said that police inaction resulted in the gruesome murder.

The accused Vishwa aka Girish, had previously threatened Anjali Ambigera, warning her that she would meet the same fate as Neha Hiremath, who was brutally stabbed to death on a college campus recently in Hubballi.

According to the police, 24-year-old Vishwa entered 20-year-old Anjali Ambigera's residence at 5.30 A.M. and stabbed the sleeping woman multiple times before she could react.

Vishwa dragged Anjali Ambigera all over the house, kicking and stabbing her. Later he pushed her into the kitchen where he stabbed her repeatedly.

Despite efforts by Anjali Ambigera’s grandmother and two sisters to stop the attacker, the man killed the woman and managed to flee.

The incident occurred in the Veerapura Oni area within the jurisdiction of the Bendigeri Police Station.

Vishwa had been blackmailing Anjali and pressurising her to accompany him to Mysuru without informing her parents.

A preliminary investigation by the police revealed that the accused has a criminal record and had been involved in various cases of theft, including bike-lifting.

Anjali's grandmother Gangamma had previously approached the police, informing them about the threats from the accused. However, the police did not take the complaint seriously and advised her not to be overly concerned.

After the incident, police have launched a hunt for the accused.

Mahesh Tenginakai slammed the police inaction and said, “The matter was brought to the notice of the police by the victim’s grandmother. If they had taken it seriously and acted, this murder wouldn’t have taken place. The Bendigeri police should have called the accused for questioning and warned him. Instead, they asked her not to worry. This murder has taken place due to their negligence.”

Mahesh Tenginakai added that law and order in the state had gone for a toss and the government and the police department had not woken up even after Neha Hiremath’s murder.

“The state government is responsible for this. If given a free hand the police will carry out their work. The accused has not been arrested till now. The stand of the BJP will remain same in this case as it was in the Neha Hiremath case. There is no safety of women in Hubballi and Dharwad. The concerned police officer is as guilty as the accused in this murder,” he slammed.

Source: IANS

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