Indian and Bangladesh Armies Begin Joint Exercise SAMPRITI-XI in Meghalaya

The Indian and Bangladesh armies commenced the 11th edition of their annual joint military exercise, SAMPRITI, on October 3, 2023, in Umroi, Meghalaya. The exercise, which is scheduled to last for 14 days, will engage approximately 350 personnel from both sides.

SAMPRITI-XI is focused on the conduct of Sub-Conventional Operations (SCOs) as per Chapter VII of the UN mandate. The exercise will include a Command Post Exercise (CPX) and a Field Training Exercise (FTX), culminating in a Validation Exercise.

The CPX will involve 20 officers from each contingent and will focus on decision-making after thorough deliberations. The FTX will validate grassroots-level SCOs and will include a series of joint tactical drills for counter-terrorist operations such as hostage rescue, crowd control measures, and the use of helicopters. The Validation Exercise will be conducted on October 14-15, 2023, at the Darranga Field Firing Range in Assam.

SAMPRITI-XI is a significant initiative in the bilateral defence cooperation between India and Bangladesh. It underscores the importance of enhancing interoperability between the two armies, sharing tactical drills, and promoting best practices. The exercise is also expected to foster deeper bilateral relations, cultural understanding, and mutual benefits from shared experiences in SCOs.

The Indian and Bangladesh armies have a long history of cooperation, and SAMPRITI-XI is a testament to the strong bonds between the two countries. The exercise is a valuable opportunity for the two armies to learn from each other and to improve their ability to operate together in complex and challenging environments.



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