Institute of Heart Lungs Diseases & Research Centre (IHLD) set to open in New Delhi

Delhi, June 19, 2023: The Institute of Heart Lungs Diseases & Research Centre (IHLD) will soon open in the country’s national capital, New Delhi. One of the premier institutes in North India, IHLD will be among the few institutes in the country offering specialised healthcare services for heart and lung diseases, including related complex surgeries, therapies for end-stage heart & lung diseases, and transplants. IIHLD has a robust cardio-pulmonary rehabilitation program which is unique in having AI-based motion sensing and skeletal muscle strength assessment program that helps target physiotherapy to the affected muscles only, thereby being more effective & customized to the patient’s needs & debility.

The Institute which has partnered with the 300-bed PSRI Hospital in Saket, South Delhi comprises a team of 50 highly dedicated, passionate, and skilled cardio-thoracic surgeons, transplant physicians, intensivists, cardiologists, rehabilitation specialists, nurses, and experienced social workers who work tirelessly with quality care and compassion at the core. The Institute will have dedicated operation theatres, a hybrid Cath Lab, cardiac & transplant ICUs, OPDs, and a cardio-pulmonary rehabilitation program. IHLD has been at the forefront of life-saving medical devices and innovation. It has patent for a revolutionary heart failure devise (miniature ventricular assist devise) & in the advanced stages of development, which can provide support (upto 3.5 litres/min) to the failing heart after a massive heart attack & cardiogenic shock. This miniature VAD can save many lives that are lost every year as a complication of heart attacks and heart failure.

The brain behind IHLD, Dr. Rahul Chandola, a distinguished surgeon with over two decades of experience, with a large majority of experience at the world’s best hospitals like Toronto General Hospital, Sunnybrook Hospital, University of Alberta and Humboldt University, Germany. He is one of the few surgeons in India specialized in Heart & Lung Transplants and Complex Cardio Thoracic and Vascular Surgeries. He is also at the forefront of organ donation programme and awareness campaigns in India and abroad.

“We are proud to launch IHLD and believe that it will benefit residents of the capital along with the entire nation and reduce the need to travel out of India for these cutting-edge, complex procedures. The skilled doctors at IHLD will spearhead the transformation of cardio-thoracic & transplant healthcare. We are committed to bringing to India the latest advancements in Heart & Lung treatments & surgery,” says Dr. Rahul Chandola, Founder-Chairman and Chief of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery, IHLD.

IHLD is supported by the Hans Foundation, one of the largest charitable and welfare organisations that runs comprehensive programs across healthcare, disability, livelihood, and education across the country. The foundation has supported Rs 3000 crore worth of welfare programs over the past four years.

IHLD has been instrumental in touching more than 20,000 lives so far through more than 5,000 complex heart & lung operations and transplants. It has also run free-of-cost camps across North India, including inaccessible and remote locations such as Badrinath Kedarnath, and Uttarkashi, even extending its services to the country’s last village, Mana.

They have also performed over 600 complex heart operations on people from economically weaker segments

About IHLD

One of the premier institutes in North India and amongst a select few institutes, which provides highly specialised solutions for the entire gamut of heart and lung diseases like complex surgeries, minimal invasive and hybrid aortic procedures, heart and lung transplants, and ECMO.

Dr Rahul Chandola

Dr. Rahul Chandola, a renowned cardio-thoracic and heart - lung transplant surgeon, with an experience of over 22 years at some of the world’s topmost institutions including Toronto General Hospital, Sunnybrook Hospital, University of Alberta and Humboldt University, Germany.


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