Jaipur Watch Company-newest coin based watch Kings Wristwear II

This festive season make sure to shower your loved ones with not just love but gifts too. ... Jaipur Watch Company (India's only bespoke watchmaker) brings to you love and celebration through our unique new creation, "The Kings Wristwear II"! A beautiful coin-based watch by Jaipur Watch company. The 43mm dial is embedded with a One Pice Coin (the lowest denomination of British India coinage). The historical narrative associated with the coin makes it a unique watch. Minted between 1943 and 47, the One Pice Coin, or 1/64th of a rupee, was the lowest denomination in the King George VI coinage era. It was also the first coin with a hole in the centre. Each watch in this limited edition carries a serial number, which gives it a unique identity. The watch houses the Swiss-made Ronda 702 calibre and showcases a unique moving disc mechanism. King Wristwear II is available in new colours such as sombre black (with gold and silver variants) and salmon, to be sold in a limited edition of 50 watches, as well as Sacramento Green (with gold and silver variants), to be sold in a limited edition of 25 watches each. INR: 40,000 each.
About Jaipur Watch Company Jaipur Watch Company-India's first and only bespoke watch manufacturer. The brand is steeped in the age-old craftsmanship traditions of Jaipur and its history of regal lifestyle even as it leverages the technology evolution that is changing the business of watchmaking, through its design in Jaipur and workshop and factory in Bengaluru. Jaipur Watch Company began by using pre-British era coins, has now scaled up to introduce several unique design ideas and works with well-established craftsmanship techniques like guilloche, besides painstakingly crafting a range of gold bespoke watches. The watch brand creates unique, classic watches that resonate with Indians because of the stories of culture and traditions, history and spirituality told through the dial.

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