Know The 4 New Rules That Will Affect You In 2022

Business Desk-The year 2021 is going to end today and the new year 2022 is starting from tomorrow i.e. Saturday. As the new year starts, some rules are being changed, which will have a direct impact on your pocket. Many things and services will become expensive from January 1, 2022. Withdrawing money from ATM will become expensive in the new year. In addition to ordering items from online food delivery apps like Swiggy and Zomoto, there may have been a change in the Goods and Services Tax on the purchase of clothes and shoes. Let us know which rules are being changed from the new year, which are related to the life of the common man and what is its effect.
Withdrawing money from ATMs becomes expensive
The Reserve Bank of India has made changes in the rules for withdrawing money from ATMs. Now those withdrawing money from ATM will have to pay more charges. Earlier banks were charging Rs 20 per transaction from customers, which did not include tax. According to the new rules of RBI, the bank has now been allowed to charge Rs 21 from its customers. In this way, withdrawing money from ATMs will become expensive from January 1.
Important changes in GST law From
January 1, filing wrong returns of GST will be costly. Now Goods and Services Tax will be fined from traders who file wrong GST returns. Often, officials get complaints that traders showing excess sales in the monthly GSTR-1 form under-report the same in the payment related GSTR-3B form to reduce the tax liability. Strict action will be taken against the traders who do this.
Ordering food online has become expensive,
if you are also fond of eating food by ordering food online, then in the new year you will have to spend more money. Customers will be charged more money for ordering food from online food delivery apps Swiggy and Zomato. According to the new rules, 5% GST has been imposed on the food delivery app.
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In this way, in the new year, more money will be spent for ordering food by ordering online from these apps.
India Post Payments Bank's new charges
India Post Payments Bank is also going to charge more money from the customers. According to the new rules, from the new year, IPPB will levy charges from the customers for getting cases exceeding the limit or depositing them. However, you will be able to deposit only 10000 in a month without charge in savings and current accounts. If you deposit more than this amount, then customers will have to pay extra money.
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