Mr. Satish Kumar Bandi, Chairman and Managing Director of Steel India Exchange Limited, on the Cover story of Tycoon Global

New Delhi (India), March 15: Tycoon Global Magazine is an independently published global media and publishing house that brings the latest news from different segments of Entrepreneurs, Life, Fitness, Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, Business and Entertainment in the International & Domestic arena. Tycoon Global Magazine serves up fresh, provocative and insanely addictive business and lifestyle tips and content for our dedicated readership. Our content appeals to affluent readers from every walk of life with a predilection for the finer things of life. They are moving faster than ever and continue to work solely for actual practitioners, honest people. A peerless magazine in its genre, every issue of Tycoon Global Magazine is incomparable because of our unique concept. Their team of experts worldwide selects people from different walks of life education, impact, influencers, society, substance and creating a difference at large who deserve to be on the cover & inside pages. They publish about the selected stalwarts who generate a mark on the national and international scenes through the power of knowledge, entrepreneurship, business acumen, social services, art & culture, contribution in fashion, Bollywood & Hollywood. The Magazine comes in both digital & Hard copy formats.

In one of their articles, Mr. Satish Kumar Bandi, Chairman and Managing Director of Steel India Exchange Limited, is featured. His leadership has transformed the dreams of hundreds into realities. Furnishing quality as an attitude, not as a product, Mr. Satish has genuinely set a mark to be followed in the sector. Steel Exchange India Limited has been established in iron and steel manufacturing since and has the most significant private integrated steel plant in the Telugu States of Andhra Pradesh & Telangana. The company aims to grow as a quality steel product hub, increasing its customer base and clientele. In his interview, he said, “We survived the pandemic, and we never laid off any employees during the time. We are planning to unlock the real value of our company by using our existing railway sidings to diversify into the logistics business. We are also planning to manufacture specialty steel wire products.” He moves to be a real inspiration for many entrepreneurs out there.

Source: Press Release
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