Nambi Narayanan: Previous Governments Did Not Trust ISRO, Says Former Scientist

Former Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) scientist Nambi Narayanan has revealed that past governments lacked trust in ISRO's capabilities, leading to inadequate budget allocation for the organization. Narayanan's statements come to light in a recently surfaced video, where he sheds light on the early struggles of ISRO and its subsequent successes.

Nambi Narayanan, known for his groundbreaking work in liquid fuel rocket technology, was once embroiled in a controversy that saw him wrongly accused of espionage. The accusations, made in 1994, alleged that he shared sensitive space program information with external parties, eventually leading to his arrest. However, Narayanan fought tirelessly against these charges and in 1996, the CBI court dismissed the allegations. The case reached the Supreme Court, which not only affirmed his innocence but also directed the Kerala government to compensate him with a sum of 1.3 crore.

Narayanan's incredible journey from adversity to recognition was captured in the film "Rocketry," where acclaimed actor R. Madhavan portrayed his character. His contributions to India's space endeavors were also acknowledged in 2019 when he received the Padma Shri, the country's third-highest civilian honor.

The video, which has gained significant attention, showcases Nambi Narayanan reminiscing about ISRO's early days when resources were scarce. He shared anecdotes about the construction of the Satellite Launch Vehicle (SLV-3) and emphasized the difficulties faced due to inadequate budgets. In the video, Narayanan reveals that funds were provided to ISRO only after the organization had established its credibility.

The video has caught the attention of various political factions, including the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), which shared the video on its social media platforms. The footage not only sheds light on the challenges ISRO faced but also highlights the perception of trust deficit from previous governments towards the organization.

Nambi Narayanan also addressed recent criticisms regarding Prime Minister Narendra Modi's perceived appropriation of credit for Chandrayaan-3's success. He dismissed such concerns, asserting that in the case of a national project, credit naturally falls to the Prime Minister. He added that personal opinions about the Prime Minister should not diminish his role in such achievements.

Born in a Tamil family in 1941, Nambi Narayanan's journey from humble beginnings to becoming a key figure in India's rocket technology sector has been nothing short of extraordinary. With his unyielding determination and pioneering contributions, Narayanan's legacy continues to inspire generations and serve as a testament to the spirit of innovation in India's scientific community.


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