Next revolution in the news industry by Abhi Abhi Breaking news, a big step towards writing a new history

Our news portal is registered under RNI i.e. Registrar of Newspapers for India which is revolutionizing in terms of content and trustworthiness to their readers. Abhi Abhi is a well known name in the minds of readers; they have a positive image and are recognizable. Abhi Abhi Breaking news is uploading 8-10 videos everyday so readers have easy access to their content who don't like to read. Since readers don't like to read long articles, Abhi Abhi Breaking News have come up with the idea of providing content in video format which is short and easy to understand. Abhi Abhi now has decided to produce all types of video content ranging from short videos like 20 secs to long videos to 10 Mins reporting latest news to their viewers on Facebook and other social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram. This is a story of a News website that started in the year 1999 and commenced their operations in the news industry with success in their mind and with motivation to provide, accurate, reliable and honest news to their readers. They registered their organization under RNI i.e. Registrar of Newspapers for India. Their main reader base was Haryana but slowly they grew their news website into Punjab and Delhi region. They didn't achieve success overnight, as they say there is no shortcut to success. The Abhi Abhi news team worked really hard to get where they are today.They are known for their motto i.e. "Our Content is our Power" which basically means they work very hard on their content as they don't want to mislead their readers into something they don't believe in and thus they check thoroughly. Proofread every news article before posting it on their website. Devender Gandhi, the owner and journalist of Abhi Abhi started his journey with the motto being; "Our content is our Power". They have a team of professional Reporters, Video Editors, Cameraman, Web Designers, Chartered Accountants and Devender Gandhi owner himself. With a team like this there is no way they can fail in their growth projections. They are working on a plan to increase their reach of readers to create another success story. Website is in the local language which is Hindi and they are constantly updating their website and posting new local stories to maximize the return on their investment. So far they have achieved what they were targeting throughout the years. This is truly one of a kind success story which is only achieved by rare people and organizations. As the world is going through digital transformation, Abhi Abhi Breaking news has shifted their focus on gaining as as many digital readers on their phones as possible. Abhi Abhi has changed how local readers used to read their news. Instead of reading newspapers which is a traditional way of reading news, they have made a website which is accessible through any smartphone easily.  

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